Can you get into trouble with ebay for this?

  1. Emailing a high bidder on an item that you believe to be fake?
  2. Unfortunately, yes--it's called auction interference.
  3. ^^ Agreed - I am not sure but I think they can suspend you from eBay for this!
  4. It's tempting, but don't do it--as susan-eric said--auction interference.

    OT--your cats are so beautiful!
  5. Just report the item to eBay.
  6. Aww thank you :smile: They're rescue cats, mum and baby
  7. AS hard as it is to stop yourself from doing it you need to and I know its hard because we don't want to see people getting ripped off but you can be removed yourself from eBay for it. Just report it to ebay in the hope that they will pull it and the buyer will be safe that way
  8. yup its auction intervention - i used to do it but i got away and didnt get suspended it just wont let me send messages to anyone who i am not involved into a transaction of some kind with ( well i can send questions but to sellers only ) :shrugs:

    hugs for your rescue beauties they`re fantastic ! :heart:
  9. Ebay is starting to hide bidder ids so in a few months you won't be able to do it at all. Seelers are upset because hidden ids are going to let the shillers get away with it. They are experimenting with it now.
  10. They actually just implemented a new feature to stop people from doing this. You may have seen auctions with "Bidder 1" and "Bidder 4." This is so no one can see who is bidding, even if it's not a private auction.
  11. Ahhhh I've done it once in a blue moon, when it's people I've dealt with before on ebay, ie. past buyers ad sellers; when I feel like if I don't tell them I'm gonna have trouble sleeping at night. LOL I never got in trouble for it, but I have heard of people getting a slapped with a two week suspension for it.
  12. OP, I forgot to add that you have two adorable cats. I love rescue animals. I always tell my boyfriend that you can tell how good a person's heart is by watching how they treat animals. I can tell you are truly a good person!
  13. Oh I just love your two cats! And they're rescue animals? That's even better! I have two rescued cats as well and I adore them. Both adopted from shelters and now living the high life they deserve! Spoiled? Oh yeah!

    And I do agree with the other posters. You can't contact someone if you think the auction is fake. Even though it is tempting! Just report it and hope that ebay does the right thing and removes it.
  14. Thanks for all the comments on the cats, they're good to hear!
    My bf really wasn't sure when I picked out those 2 from the rescue centre... they'd been there over a year as they were so scared of people, but once I knew their story I just had to have them, and they're so much better now :heart:
  15. I used to do that and I would also email the seller. Now I cant be bothered. Its none of my business and my only concern is the bags I sell and buy.