Can someone please help me ID this Givenchy?

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  1. anybody know this website?
    their givenchy price is too good to be true!
    any thoughts? Buy it or not buy it?
  2. Check on Givenchy official site for stockists and see if they're authorised
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  3. Hello
    Could someone please tell me what is the name of this bag?

    Thank you B0D46BB7-FC48-48A8-8B16-D19A7031163B.jpeg
  4. E1D32687-A545-4677-AA0D-A249CA734A61.jpeg Can someone please identify this bag for me? Thank you!
  5. Does anyone know what season is this from?
    Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 9.07.46 PM.png
  6. Please help me. What is this pink bag called? I am obsessed! F7B4976A-42AA-481C-ABE2-D3820D03B990.jpeg
  7. Hi, could anybody please help me identify this bag?
    Thank you
  8. Hi everyone - can anyone identify model of this bag? Seller just listed it as Moyen but not sure that means anything? Thanks so much. Em x
  9. I just thrifted a black "Parfums Givenchy" bag made of cotton with pvc trim. It's an open bag with one handle and 2 fringe ties to close it. This is obviously not a high end bag though it looks nice. Did they make these as promos/freebies or for the leather-free audience? Thank you in advance for any info.
  10. Did you find out more about the bag? I found a similar type with the crest logo but I couldn’t find any information on it online.
  11. Does anyone by any chance know what kind of Pandora this is?
  12. Has anyone ever seen this? I'm sorry if it is way off Screenshot_20180626-112752.png
  13. Hi could someone please please help me determine if this antigona is authentic??
    4558DDD4-D85D-48D2-8D7E-43A1FB54DDAD.jpeg 18A01787-48AA-429C-B207-3D5A19F99373.jpeg 4A87038C-C588-44F0-9E93-FCE3645BA32E.jpeg 8D6D8D89-753E-41F2-A868-B67E3BC25C61.jpeg 766B4C9C-D700-4831-A5FF-075C5E8451E4.jpeg 5DDBC377-7009-4434-9E3A-D9971B47CE9D.jpeg 37FC16D7-8735-49C8-9782-C95A3C8F3304.jpeg 86BDA973-6E8C-40DF-B597-1BE047B197B4.jpeg