Can someone please help me ID this Givenchy?

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  1. The stripes are the same on this Pandora in black:

    Based on this article, I'd guess that the bag is from 2012:

    Seems pretty rare!
  2. Looks like a large Nightingale in old pepe leather. Never seen one with a leather stripe down the middle like that, though!
  3. Hello my dears!
    Can anyone say which model it is?
    All I can see in the web is one page.... lyst? But the name saffia bag is correct? I can´t find anything about ist.... Thanks so much :smile:
  4. image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg Hi authenticators:smile: i have this givenchy basketball clutch which i believe to not be authentic. This design might not be famous for replicas but the material does not match the original and the fonts looks totally off.Please advice with this clutch thank u. This clutch is quite a challenge to authenticate:sad: the link is
  5. Please help me i feel scammed of my precious money and unjustified:sad:
  6. This clutch has got no serial number
  7. Could you please help identify the model of this antigona bag. I can't find this bicolor on any online shopping site :sad: TIA!
  8. Hi! My husband bought me this for Christmas a few years ago, I think in 2012' and was heavily reduced but brand new from cult status boutique in Perth, wondering if anyone can help me with IDing what the name of the bag is, thank you!
  9. Could someone please help me ID this Givenchy bag? Thanks a bunch!
  10. Can anyone help me identify the name and possible value of this bag? I purchased it from a small town thrift shop for $3.00, and I'm 99% sure it's the real deal. Based on the serial number (SI1018), it would have debuted sometime in 2008. It is in pristine, mint condition. I just can't seem to locate another like it! tmp-cam--408815703.jpg tmp-cam-1393099858.jpg tmp-cam-1271311284.jpg
  11. So did you buy?
  12. Did you ever find another one of these?
  13. Hello! Can someone help me identify this bag? Can't seem to see it on the Givenchy product line. Bugatti? IMG_1500869972.696433.jpg
  14. Hi guys! Just bought my first antigona
    I know the colour is meant to be nude, but does anyone know what type of leather it is?
    I want to buy some cleaning products but don't want to harm the leather! Thanks for looking. It hasn't arrived yet, I just have the ebay pics until it arrives tomorrow!
    Thanks for looking x
    IMG_2374.PNG IMG_2375.PNG IMG_2377.PNG IMG_2378.PNG IMG_2379.PNG IMG_2381.PNG IMG_2382.PNG
  15. IMG_5127.JPG IMG_5128.JPG IMG_5129.JPG IMG_5130.JPG Hello TPFers, can anyone help me Id this Givenchy bag? I tried ever reliable Google but it has failed me. I'm starting to think that this bag is fake lol hopefully not tho as I want to get it