Can someone please help me ID this Givenchy?

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  1. :smile:

    I thought I would ask your expert advice on identifying the designer of the bag in the picture. I think it is cute.
    Can anyone help?
    Many thanks in advance.
  2. Yep, definitely looks like Givenchy.
  3. Givenchy Nightingale, to be more precise. :smile:
  4. not nightingale, bettina as pointed out by natie
  5. You are wellcome! ;)
  6. Ah, sorry :smile:
  7. sorry didnt know where to put this but,

    what kind of a bag is this?! Thank you

  8. the black one on the left?
    it is givenchy nightingale

  9. yes! thank you
  10. Does any1 know, which drink they ordered at, Starbuck s?
  11. Are you kidding?:confused1:
  12. if the writing on the cup was visible i could tell you
  13. Yes! but I'm not telling!:upsidedown::lol: