Can anyone help me find a coin purse in this seasons colors ?

  1. Hi Guys,
    I'm dying here trying to find a coin purse in aqua, sandstone, or natural. But the trick is I don't want to buy from BalNY because if I'm shipped a coin purse with less than desirable leather than I'll probably have one of my only two chances to ever return anything to BalNY. I heard that BalNY only allows 2 returns/exchanges per customer and I just think it's absolutely crazy but either way I'd rather save my two chances on much bigger purchases, so does anyone know which NM carries a wide variety of colors ?

    Thank you so much. I know I can always count on my fellow bbag addicts. :p
  2. There's a 'natural' coin purse on eBay right now ;) ! Good luck !
  3. There's an Aqua coin purse at Barney's in Chicago, but after some "less then desirable" customer service (and the fact that I had no idea what I was going to do with it) - I decided I really didn't need it that bad...

    It is probably still there, because that was this week.

    NM didn't order the coin purse in Aqua. (I was told by a SA in Troy this week.) The coin on eBay is at a great price too!!

    PS - Do you know if BalNY has them in Aqua by chance? I am actually the reverse, I am getting ready to order a bag from them, so I could just order the coin purse along with it. TIA!
  4. How about Barneys or some smaller boutiques

  5. I was JUST going to post this Coin Purse! It is Gorgeous!
    If you call there, try Karyn (pronounced CARen) she was pretty nice to me when I bought a few things there :smile:
  6. LOL... go get it girl!! I don't know what I would use it for anyhow.

    Thanks for the referral!! That wasn't who I talked to, so I will be sure to ask for her next time... It wasn't a huge ordeal, just kind of put me off. I might have caught that SA at an off time or something, you know how these things go.:shrugs:
  7. There's an aqua coin purse at Barney's in Beverly Hills, too. Just saw it yesterday and it was a cutie!

    They might have sandstone, too, although they were calling it beige. I think they got a bunch in recently - it would be worth giving them a call to find out what they have in stock.
  8. Anyone know where has coin purse in vert d'eau?
  9. Barneys Chestnut Hill and Copley Place has the aqua

  10. i was wondering where else can we find a vert d'eau coin purse as well. Thanks so much you guys! :yahoo:

    so i know where i can find the sandstone and aqua. I'll be making some phone calls later and will share my goodies soon when they arrive.
  11. That's the one color that I HAVE NOT seen in the Coin Purse! I wonder if it was made at all? Has anyone checked with Balenciaga??
  12. i think barneys in beverly hills also had aqua.