Campeggio as a laptop bag?

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  1. I was wondering if a 14.1" screen Sony VAIO would fit in a Campeggio with/inside a laptop sleeve?
    The exact dimensions of my laptop are 13.2” (W) x 1.25"-1.67” (H) x 9.8” (D) Click here to see it.

    Thank you so much in advance!
    Oh and if you guys had other suggestions for a laptop bag, please let me know! =)
  2. I have the same laptop! It fits vertically as the zipper opening isn't wide enough... it should fit with a laptop sleeve if it isn't too thick but the bottom will dip out.


    Perfect fit with zipper closed, bottom flat
  3. it does fit i haf a hp 14.1 wif a huge batt the 12 cell? or sumthing along those lines.. also fits wif a normal 1'' binder in it as well.. its a huge bag but the zipper is annoying if only they made it a big wider.....
  4. Would I be better off with a Trenino or a Cucciolo? Or maybe even a Scuola?

    thanks again in advance.. :smile:
  5. OH HEYY!!! That look like my Pink Sony Vaio. xD Is it one too?


    I just clicked the link you provided, alexisnotonfire, and turn's out... that's my laptop too. xD But yeah, it fits in my Campeggio. Perfect fit, IMO. Fit's a lot of other things too, along with my laptop.:tup:
  6. Trenino would be a bit too big, cause it's more for travelling. Not sure about Scuola. Cucciolo... might work, but there would be more empty space than the Campeggio.

    I'd still say Campeggio :]

  7. Hmm.. even with a laptop sleeve? Coz toki bags have no padding =/

    Thanks again =)
  8. I would say a laptop sleeve would fit... but then again, we might be thinking about different "sleeves"
    Do you have a picture?
  9. I was thinking just those padded 'cases' like this:
    or something like this:
  10. Something thin like that should be ok

  11. Is there a lot of room left for let's say a water bottle, a textbook, a wallet, and other girly things? =)
  12. Hrm... well... It'd be hard to put a thick text book in there, because the laptop would take up a lot of the zipper room. Let me take a picture of how much I can fit in my Campeggio. I'll post it as soon as I take it.:tup:
  13. Actually. It fits a lot more than I thought it would. I forgot how much it could hold, since I've been off of school for like 1 1/2 months already. :graucho:

    Course, you're probably like, "where the pink vaio?"
    ... It's in my car, and I'm a bit too lazy to go get it right now.
    I have two laptops, because one is for work.

    Anyways, there's still a lot more room for "girly" things, even after I put a text book and my caramella in the big pocket.
    Plus the two front pockets hold more than you think it would. I could put my wallet in one, and my vaio charger in the other one, and still have room...
    But my work laptop is a bit smaller in length, but only by a little bit. :yes:
    DSC03257.JPG DSC03258.JPG
  14. It looks like it could fit, I know I can fit my Dell Inspiron in my Buon Viaggio, with room for a textbook and all of my other junk.

    And nice username!
  15. I have a hard time putting in my 14.1 inch laptop into that bag, but may its just because my case is a bit thicker