Camera bag: Black or grey?

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Which colour?

  1. Black with gold chains

  2. Grey with silver chains

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Hi! I'm finally getting my first Chanel bag and I've decided to get the mademoiselle camera tote. Hopefully I'll be picking it up when I go to the UK in March but if they don't have it there, I'm just going to get it from the States. I'm still deciding between the grey and the black aged calfskin, though. I love the grey but I also like the gold chains of the black calfskin a lot. They're a matte gold and so very pretty. Which one should I get? I'll mostly be matching the bag to jeans and summery dresses. I'm attaching a few photos of Reese Witherspoon from the celebs thread for comparison purposes. Thanks for your help! :heart:

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  2. I vote for the grey. I'm hoping to get one this year too. For me, I have too many black bags. And the grey can be used with lighter-colored outfits year round. Good luck! Let us know which you get!
  3. I prefer the grey.
  4. I like the grey.
  5. Hm, I think the grey. Its good all year round.
  6. I love the black with gold hardware.
  7. I love the black w/gh.
  8. grey with silver!
  9. Here is something to consider: what size will you be buying? I have the grey in the medium and while I do love it, a part of me feels that the grey might actually look better in the larger size. I think Smoothreporter (Mon) has the black with gold chains and hers is a medium and it looks amazing (then again, it might just be her awesomeness and not that of the bag). A big reason I have kept the grey is that I got her on sale and I do love it (mostly).
  10. I really love both.. i have both in medium size..
    grey is nice for dress down, and black with gold more for dress up. but if i have to pick one, i will pick the black with gold.
  11. I'm actually getting the bag in the large since I tend to lug my whole life around with me. But gosh how did you get the bag on sale? Do tell! :smile:
  12. ^^They went on sale at BG about a month ago. They didn't go on sale anywhere else. Believe me, they didn't last very long. A few lucky pf'ers were able to get them.
  13. Yeah, I think mine was a return so it was dumb luck. I really owe my friend a huge thanks for her sharp eyes and big mouth.
    You are getting the large? I think the grey looks amazing in the large- there are pics floating about with SJP in the large (there is one on the chanel du jour thread as well). The black looks great in the medium.
  14. Grey & silver all the way! :heart:
  15. Grey with silver! It's so pretty!