Camera bag: Black or grey?

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Which colour?

  1. Black with gold chains

  2. Grey with silver chains

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Grey. I think it will be better in the summer.
  2. Definitely grey with silver. I routinely use my grey bags over my black ones!!
  3. I think as your first Chanel, you should get the black with gold hardware - I do love the grey but there is something so appealing and timeless about the black with gold hardware!!!
  4. grey with silver chains too..
  5. Definitely the black! I am toying with the idea of getting one when I saw Reese with it (Reese has the black one too).
  6. Gray fr me too. :cloud9:
  7. Both color combinations are winners IMHO! I chose the large grey with silver HW, but part of the reason was that I already have the flap in black with gold HW. You really can't go wrong. The grey has more of a cool casual vibe, and the black is more elegant chic.
  8. Grey one is much more unique. You can get a black one at anytime.
  9. So, thank you to all you lovely people who responded. I have been obsessing over colour so much the last couple of days. Truly more than a little OCD. I was also hoping to get a camera case in the UK because it's so much cheaper and I'm actually going over in March. But apparently it was out of stock there on my first round of calls there. Not true. Harrods has it in the large size in dark silver and pink metallic but I really wanted either black or grey.

    Then I called Brompton for the nth time and this SA tells me that there actually is one left, in the black metallic. I wasn't too sure about that but the SA said that he would hold it for me for a day. I click on the last page of the celebs thread and Keira Knightley was carrying that bag in the same colour but in medium. It was so incredibly coincidental. Then I actually went down to South Coast Plaza to check out the bags at Bloomies and they actually had all three colours in stock, though not the black in large. The metallic black looked just a little better on me, I felt, and the SA agreed. It was a little more casual chic than the other two, which were really elegant but a little too mature for me. So I ended up phoning Brompton just a few minutes ago and I'm going to pick the bag up in March!!! My first bag!

    So thank you again to all those who responded! :smile: I'll post a pic of my new bag up in about a month's time!
  10. i vote the black.. i think it goes better with this style.. grey looks good for flaps though.
  11. I voted for the black ;)
  12. Ha!:nuts: You are too sweet.:heart:

    To the OP congratulations on your large black metallic camera bag.
  13. gray for sliver for me!...striking which is amazing :drool:
  14. The metallic black camera bag looks gorgeous on Keira, and I'm sure it will look even better on you! Congrats!
  15. Congrats on your new bag! I can't wait to see modeling pics.