Calm me down guys please....... what would you do ..................

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  1. ................. if a total creep who didn't deserve your beautiful daughter dumped her & broke her heart?

    Ok briefly my daughter was going out with this guy that I & my son despised!!!! We had proof that he had been with every girl with loose morals in the area! I tolerated him when he came to my home for her sake but I swear he made my skin crawl. Now my daughter 20 is a virgin & wants to remain so so we knew he would dump her soon & tonight he did!!! He kept telling her how he respected her cos she was different both my son & I knew that was a ploy which God help her in her innocence she believed. Tonight she is totally devastated, I mean DEVASTATED!!! My sons answer is Glad he is gone she will get over it but me I am so incredibly angry at this lowlife I want revenge!!!
    Ok I am not usually vicious but mess with my kids & the lioness comes out to play!!!!
    Here is my plan tomorrow evening i go to a place for dinner with my friend, where i know he drinks ok?
    I meet him at the bar & I very politely offer him a drink, then I whisper in his ear "This is to celebrate a lowlife like you leaving my family as the only thing you had to offer my daughter was venereal disease!"
    For those of you that will say he will tell her & she will be furious with me I will tell him if he does, I will approach his mother who is a vehement Christian with times & names of the tramps that he has been with!
    Am I crazy or does anyone out there feel so strongly as i do right now about anyone hurting their kids?
  2. Would it be at all possible for to arrange a change of scene for her? Maybe relatives or friends, preferably who live somewhere interesting, maybe near a beach or a large city, that would like to have her come and visit for a while?

    I know it sounds very old fashioned, but it really is one of the best ways to get through a bad time like that...

    Edit to add that it has the added advantage of placing some distance - literally between the two of them, just in case she might be tempted to contact him, or permit him to contact her.

    It is not likely that he will follow her out of the area, but of course you would advise her hosts of the situation, so that they could run interference if necessary.
  3. Calm down. :smile: Your daughter can handle things and he sounds like an idiot anyhow.
  4. Of course you want revenge, every mother feels protective of their children. I'm not a mother but I can sympathize with your feelings. Then again, I'm the revengeful type who'll scratch up someone's car door if they bully me in the carpark. If your daughter feels the same way maybe you should go for it. Or let out his tyres :graucho: I'd be wary of going to the mother of the boy because in her eyes he can do no wrong. If you are in a close community she may then instigate something against you and your daughter. It's a terrible curse (not saying your daugher is cursed!) to be gorgeous and naive at the same time. Maybe it's also worth speaking to your daughter to open her eyes up to the world so it doesn't happen again? Or ask her friends to have a group talk with her if she doesn't take advice from you well.
  5. Relax, he doesn't sound like he's worth all the trouble.
    Approaching him at the bar doesn't seem to be the greatest idea, I don't think he'll bother you or your daughter anymore.

    I know it's difficult to see your daughter heartbroken, but blackmailing him won't really help.
  6. Thanks Shimma but she is in last few weeks of college for this year, under extreme pressure & cannot get away!
    I am taking her to Paris in July but that is a million years away right now!
  7. Idiot??? he is an ugly banty legged creep :roflmfao: :roflmfao: but you know the score loads of money, fancy car, boat, glib tongue ahhhhh I will say no more just a lowlife she was wayyyyyyyyyyyy too good for him!
  8. Revenge is not always the best medicine. I say count your lucky stars and leave him alone. He will get what's coming to him, never fear.
  9. It sounds like a good plan for now, but later on you might not be happy with what you said to him. I've said some pretty nasty things to my ex and now I wish I'd just let it go.. Good luck, I'm sure your daughter will easily get over that loser anyway. :biggrin:
  10. Oh you & I should be friends LOL

    I would never go near his mother i would just threaten! His mother is a religious bigot, beneath me! They were different religions but that didn't bother me, bothered him & his bigoted mother! I tell you religion doesn't matter to me but decency does & this guy has none! I swear right now I could gouge his eyes out. He has the cheek to speak of religious differences when he has the morals of a rabbit???????????
  11. Unfortunately, there is a chance that this will happen again, not because of her beliefs and choices, but because he is not the only "low-life" out there...there are millions!

    If you did that, and your daughter found out, what kind of a message is that sending to her? She needs to see you loving her for her choices and supporting her feelings, not "getting back" at everyone that hurts her...people hurt us everyday!! If you can't learn to deal with those situations in an adult fashion, then she never will either.

    Just my thoughts...
  12. Revenge will just make things worse. So try not to focus on that. Also, are you sure you know both sides as to what happened? If you're 100% sure that he dumped her cause he's a douchetwat, then all you can really do is comfort your daughter and hope she learned her lesson. Try not to say I told you so, cause I'm sure she feels duped and taken advantage of. It sucks, but these are the things she's going to have to experience when it comes to men. Not every guy will click with her, and not every guy has her feelings in mind. No matter what you tell her, she won't see it until something like this happens. Heartbreak is part of sucks hardcore, but that's the way it is. :sad:
  13. Don't wanto blackmail him juts let him know how happy I am that he is gone!! My daughter always told me he respected me, I just want to let him know that i had none for him!
  14. You have to relax a bit, pray that it won't happen again, there's always a Karma in every bad things we all do.. Blackmailing him won't help at all. :sweatdrop:
  15. I know you are right, I am just so mad right now because for the first time ever she doesn't ant to talk to me about her hurt as she knows how I felt about him all along!