Calling all J12 owners!!! Please HELP...


Jan 8, 2010
Hi guys...

Thinking of getting a 33mm Black J12, I don't know much about automatic watches... What is the difference between the normal and the Automatic one? Which one is better to have?

Thanks so much for your help in advance... ;)


Jul 15, 2008
Automatic watch gets it's energy from your hand movement. So as long as you wear the watch it will not stop but if you stop wearing it for a while it will stop. A quartz one will keep moving until the battery dies. Mine is a quartz version as I change watches often so I don't like automatic watch.


Jan 15, 2007
If you choose the automatic version, do invest in a watch winder to keep it running when you're not wearing it. I bought my husband a J12 and didn't buy the watch winder until 9 months later. The watch gained time so I figured perhaps the winder would solve the problem. It didn't so the watch went in to be recalibrated at no charge since it was less than a year old. Now it keeps perfect time and husband uses the watch winder so it doesn't have to keep being reset.

I didn't want the hassle. I'd rather deal with a battery replacement every few years so when I purchased a J12, I chose the quartz. It's personal preference, really. Oh, and my bezel didn't move, so mine had to go in for service as well.