Calling all Gucci Disco Soho please

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  1. Gorgeous! Love it! Thanks for sharing and yes if you love it that much, another one in a different colour never hurt!! ❤️ Lol
  2. I purchased my disco for 45,600 philippine pesos, it's now priced at 71,000! Crazyyyy!
  3. Brilliant!! I agree on all of these:smile:
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  4. I love my discos soooo much! You can see my black one in my Avatar- it has the silver studs which I adore! I also have the red one. I am not a red person, and this is the most divine red I've seen!
    You will love it. Yes the leather at the top can squish down a tiny bit but I keep it stuffed when not in use.
    No problems with the tassel .
    As others have said, it holds a lot! I actually keep my very full LV mini pochette in it-plus other stuff.
    It is very comfortable, like you barely feel like you have a bag on.I just finished suffering from a frozen shoulder, so it was very comfortable and lightweight for me.
    Hope This helps:smile:
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  5. Cannot fault this bag. Comfortable and goes with everything and for me it makes the perfect crossbody travel bag as it fits all the essentials and more. It has been in the rain, snow and sun and the leather still looks great!
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  6. I am so happy I came across this thread as this is the bag I am currently lusting after and I am so happy there are no cons about it! Hopefully I will be able to scoop one up very shortly!
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  7. maybe we can trade and then trade back! lol. i carry it and it's super functional but I'm looking at the lv saintonge bc i like the top handle. i wish it had one!
  8. Agree with all the Disco owners on this thread. It is a truly fantastic little bag! I love it so much that I have two. The first one I purchased maybe 3 or 4 years ago and it's pewter metallic. I loved and used that bag so much that this year I bought another in black. The Disco is the easiest everyday bag, so comfortable, holds a ton and looks chic and fabulous. It's also my go-to bag for traveling, because it's lightweight and secure. What's amazing is that even though it works so well as a casual, everyday bag, it can also be worn for more dressy occasions. It's the most versatile and functional bag I own by far! I can't think of a single con to this bag. I use and abuse mine and they hold up so well! My older Disco has started to show wear on the corners and the tassels have separated, but when I think of how often I used the bag and all the travels and adventures it's been on, it's held up fantastically. If the Disco ever comes out in a cognac brown color I will buy it so fast!!!
  9. Thanks for your comments canyongirl! Everything that you and everyone has mentioned is what I’m after in a bag especially for travel as well. I’m not fond of the LV saintonge and the Pallas clutch is too small that’s why I thought this would be a great choice. It’s starting to sound better and better Thanks for sharing. By the way..... I love your speedy empreinte and matching speedy wallet. That is a gorgeous blue colour and gorgeous bag. My favourite and if only I had the funds at the time to buy it. That’s too die for. I loved your picture of it when you shared it.
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  10. Have you experienced any color transfer with the rose beige?
  11. I also have the rose beige. I'm very careful to not use a light color crossbody bag with denim. I know that sounds a little crazy... but that's the only way i know to avoid come transfer. I've never experienced transfer except with denim.

    just my two cents
  12. I'm happy to help, and am a big fan of the Disco. And thank you so very much for the kind words on my LV speedy :heart:
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  13. Can anyone please post a picture of the top of zipper? Should there be a capital I on it?
    It will be much appreciated if someone can post pictures of leather tag and interior tag.
    I am buying one on ebay and want to make sure what an authentic one looks like.
  14. You need to post in the authenticate this Gucci thread following directions on Page 1. Members aren’t supposed to authenticate or give tips on what characteristics are authentic. Good luck.