Calling all Gucci Disco Soho please

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  1. My first (and only) Gucci bag! I have it in red. I thought about it for a year before purchasing and I'm so glad that I did because the price went up by 300$ the following year in my country. I just recently checked and it's nearly doubled in price!! I guess it's due to the recent popularity Gucci's having.

    I've had it for about 3 years now and it still looks brand new, albeit the leather has softened a tiny bit. I try to be gentle with my bags but this has fallen on concrete floor a couple of times and escaped without a scratch! Great, durable bag! The only thing it the tassles are starting to split, not a biggie, but I guess it was bound to happen.
  2. That’s good to know with the Pallas clutch. I keep going back and forth between the Pallas clutch and disco and so undecided. But I know the Pallas can’t fit that much and with its size it is very restrictive.
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  3. Do you find the red colour easy to match with? Yeah,.. the tassels splitting is my concern. Thanks for sharing
  4. I owe 2 of this, first was a red and the next, a magenta color (can’t recall actual name). It’s my only design from Gucci and I love that the bag looks pretty, strap is long enough for crossbody, comes in beautiful colors and is more spacious than it looks.

    No issue about strap being undetachable as I feel the size is not mean to be carried as a clutch anyway :smile:
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  5. Yes! It's an easy red to match!!
    As for the splitting tassels, you can always get them glued again at any bag spa :smile: happens to Balenciagas as well.
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  6. I’ve had my disco in black for 4 years now, and it is undoubtedly my most used bag (I used it almost everyday for 2 years, despite all the other bags in my collection). The shape does soften up over time, but it still looks great as its a leather bag and it does what leather should! It fits so much, is so comfortable to use, and transitions well from day to night. The quality of the bag is amazing! I literally have no regrets with this one. Yes, it does flip over occasionally, but you’ll quickly learn to just zip up the bag as soon as you’re done with it :amuse:
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  7. Oh that’s great to know you’ve had it for four years. Do you find that the black colour has gotten a bit dusty over the years or is it still the same? All the three colours that are available now are great. I can see myself using all the colours. I’m so torn. Black, red and beige. All gorgeous colours and can be used. Too many options! Lol
  8. Soho lover here....I went into Gucci with every intention of buying a Marmont bag. When I felt it and compared it to the Soho, there was no comparison whatsoever. This is obviously a purse-lovers forum here so I’ll be totally honest—I wanted to hug and snuggle the Soho. It is SO soft and luxurious. I LOVE this bag! I had plenty of tan bags and wanted a black crossbody. I fell completely in love with the red but stuck with my gut and went for the black and I wear it all the time. This is SUCH a great bag! No regrets whatsoever and I will never ever sell it. I’m sorry I forgot the original question cause I’m googly-eyed thinking of the leather and realizing I should carry my Soho tomorrow.
  9. This! #Truth
  10. I received the SoHo Disco in red from my husband for my birthday last year. Like you I was undecided...did I love it? Would I use it? Was there a better option? Hands down, it is such a fabulous bag. It’s comfortable, soft and supple, and can carry so much without it feeling heavy. I also have mostly black bags and wanted to branch out with red, which is a gorgeous color and I have not seen any color transfer or scuffing, even though I usually wear jeans. You definitely won’t regret it
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  11. The black has definitely faded a little, but I’m sure theres a way to revive it. It doesn’t bother me, though, considering how much use I’ve gotten out of the bag! I feel like you really can’t go wrong with either one of the three colors. I actually don’t have very many black bags apart from my Disco, so I’d definitely say go with black if you don’t already have a go-to black bag!
  12. posted this in today's gucci thread as well.... i want a handle at the top like the saintonge by lv but.... have to say.... unpretentious chic all day!

    someone else posted their's in red. love! do i need a red? lol[​IMG]

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  13. Lambert, beautiful! I have the red and I say YES, you need it! hahaha It's a great bag.

    I want the rose beige as well but the prices in my country have nearly doubled from when I bought the red one :sad:
  14. Yes I don’t have any plain black bags that’s why I’m thinking it will be a great choice for me. Thanks for sharing your comments. Is very helpful. I’m hoping I can go into store this weekend and check it out.
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  15. Yes I agree with the price. In my country it just recently increased in price by $150 too! Such a big jump