Calling all Gucci Disco Soho please

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  1. Hi,
    I’m been eyeing the Gucci Disco Soho for ages, but still undecided. I’m not 100% on it, then no matter what I buy I always think of it as a great crossbody bag. I love crossbody bags, and love the design but have a few concerns, hence haven’t been able to pull the trigger and buy it yet. The things I’m concerned about are the tassels, and will it start to roll and twist about, also how does the leather wear, and it it a deal breaker that it’s not a detachable strap?

    If those who have the bag could give me some feedback and advice on what you love and hate about the bag that would be great in helping me with the decision. What are the pros and cons in the bag?

    I’m looking for a gorgeous crossbody bag that I can fit a decent amount, and I love the look of the soho. It’s simple and stunning at the same time. I want to wear it casually and also at night for dinner. After I decide on whether I will buy it or not, then the next hard thing is the colour. I love all three colours and can see it suiting in my wardrobe, but I only want to buy one though. I know, I know, first world problems lol.

    Looking forward to hearing everyone’s opinion. Thanks so much!
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  2. I have disco bag in black and it is everyday bag for me and it is only one black bag that i own :smile:))) (Originally i debated between Hermes Halzan mini and the disco bag, but i'm glad that that i went with the disco, great buy for the price! ) I love it for it's size, for the tassel (it is great decoration and makes very easy to open the zipper) and for the quality. This bag proved it's great quality, i'm mother of three small children :smile:)))
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  3. Personally, I don't hate anything about the bag

    These are the things I like best:

    1. It has a leather strap as I have to psych myself up to wear a chain strap (Chanel included)

    2. It's a big little bag

    3. The logo is there but it's an clever, stylish and iconic symbol that's not in everyones face.

    4. It' s a casual evening bag or a smart X-body for day. Sometimes that translates perfectly for all day events.

    5. It's great for those day-out events, horse shows or going to the races, I never feel I have to be too precious.

    I think you should read this thread if you haven't already:
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  4. i have one! in camilla! love it for the color, capacity, classy yet casual....

    I'm looking at the lv saintonge and wishing for that one instead bc it has a handle at the top. i am always grabbing the soho by the top not the strap. i know that's kind of a weird complaint. lol but i need that little handle.

    i may break and buy the lv... the soho is a great bag and i intend to keep it. i usually don't sell my bags.

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  5. Soho disco owner here! :smile:
    Things I love:
    1. Space! Things I've put in the bag (comfortably and all at once) include: kindle, external phone battery, square wallet, rollerball perfume, lipsticks, chunky car keys, 10ft long iPhone cable.
    2. Weight. It's super light so you can really stuff it without risking it becoming uncomfortable to wear on a long day or feeling like you're going to snap the strap off the bag.
    3. As @papertiger has already said, the strap is really comfortable. Also, it's adjustable which is a life-saver since I can shorten the strap when I just want to wear it on the side, lengthen it when I want crossbody.
    4. It's super care free - the leather feels really durable and I'm never worrying about damaging the bag while I'm out and about. I can't count the number of times I've accidentally scraped it pretty hard with a nail, only to see no signs that it ever happened.

    As for as colour goes, pick whatever your heart loves best when you see it in person. I just had way too many black bags in my collection so I went with the rose beige and am loving it. I've only had the bag a couple months so I can't really speak to the tassels curling long term but mine look the same as the day I bought the bag. I keep the bag stuffed when I'm not using it and so far so good - an SA at Gucci tried to put my bag back on the display when I left it on the counter since it still looks so new. :lol:

    Re: not detachable strap being a dealbreaker, I don't really think this is an issue, mostly because the style of bag (I think) would look really strange without a strap. If the concern was about wanting to attach other straps to this bag, I actually think the one it comes with looks great as is and helps to keep the bag understated yet elegant.

    No cons to report! :amuse:
  6. It's a great and spacious little bag. I don't like tassels so I bought the non tassel version. I have been carrying it on and off (including with denim, cross body) for nearly a year and there's no marks, colour transfer or wear. The stiff leather of the limited edition also means it keeps its shape (which bothered me about the regular version). Here are some pictures from a recent holiday.

    It's gorgeous :heart:
    213E6537-D118-4560-B373-C8118172C21E.jpeg E3EF31DD-BEB1-4F9E-8D5E-F4735D3E8808.jpeg 1971EA37-FD43-4034-A340-737FA45FA546.jpeg
  7. Thanks for your comments. That’s great to know!
  8. Hi papertiger, yes I’m not a fan of chain straps either. Thanks for your feedback and yes I will read more on the thread. I started to read it, but then didn’t get much of a review and feedback on it, so thought I would ask the experts in a separate thread. What colour do you have, if you don’t mind me asking, and how has the leather worn on the bag? Does the top flap down after a while of using it, as I’ve seen a few of these. Does the bag hold it’s shape well after continual use?
    I have been tossing up between this one and LV’s Pallas clutch, vernice and the new Saintonge bag with the top handle, ......
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  9. Yes, I’m tossing up between the LV Saintonge, Pallas clutch and Venice bags lol
    All nice bags, slightly different look and different features and functions too. Too many choices hahaha
  10. Thanks for taking the time for your feedback. It is really helpful, and makes me more excited to get it. I will have to go into the store and try them on again. Once I decide, the next hard decision is the colour, coz I can see myself using all of them. I don’t have any black bags, so I can get the black. The only thing is, I’ve seen a lot of pictures on Instagram and people wearing them around and after a while it looks a bit old and dusty in colour, if you know what I mean. But then it’s a classic colour and would be easy to use and handle and also great to take travelling and to theme parks with. Red on the other hand, is a vibrant and happy colour and I can see myself using that as well, but then I don’t have as many clothes to match with that. Might be harder than black. Then the rose beige is gorgeous, and I can easily match that, but then I’m worried about colour transfer, especially at the corners. I saw some on Instagram where the corners where starting to turn black. How do you find your colour? Is it easy to look after and handle? Do you need to baby it?
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  11. Your bag is gorgeous! I don’t think they may the non tassel version anymore right? And yes, I’m with you. Not a fan of the tassels either, and concerned about the regular version not holding its shape either, and can be a bit sloppy after a while? Ummm thought decision, if it’s only one design available. Thanks for your pics!
  12. Mine is a light rust nubuck (not quite as bright as this pic suggests). I'm not into orange bags, so this is as orange as I get. It still lots like new to be honest but it will eventually darken and perhaps even go smooth in places, I will find that OK because natural colours in suede and nubuck age quite well (IMO).
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  13. Yours is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing
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  14. As the small but capacious crossbody camera bag that is super versatile, I don’t think the Disco can be perfected.

    The only thing that I can think that very occasionally bothers me about it is that if you are not careful, keep it open, and grab it at a certain angle, it can turn over and your stuff falls in the floor. But the vast majority of people are more careful than me.
  15. I have it in the black and totally love it, for many of the reasons that have been mentioned already.

    It’s very chic- I saw a very smart Italian lady with a Disco in gold last year on holiday, it looked amazing on her and I was so pleased!

    I also own the Pallas clutch- it has a much more restricted shape so it won’t hold nearly as much, I tend to use it as an evening bag rather that an everyday one.