Calling all empreinte owners for help!!

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  1. Sorry. I need some help here. Got an Audacieuse MM from eBay. Seller did not disclose the condition at sides of handle. See pictures**
    Can it be repaired? How much would it cost?
    I believe this bag was originally purchased by LV employee. As there is a small V stamp next to LV heat stamp. So, does this change anything in term of repair?
    Love the bag. But upset at seller who did not disclose the condition. May end up return the bag. But seller claim since a picture was posted in listing, so refuse for return. (Listing picture only show top of handle, can not see sides of handle)

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  2. Other side of handle....

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  3. you can claim snad
  4. Try bringing it in to the boutique because mine tore on the sides and they said that the audacieuse had some flaws and repaired mine for free.
  5. I am not original owner and this bag was purchased by LV employee as there is a small V stamp next to LV heatstamp. Do any of the above reason matters in terms of course of repair?

    And yes! Nearest LV boutique is 3 and half hours away one way from me.
  6. Sorry. What is "snad"?
  7. I think its significantly not as described if you want to return.....I would stop by the store and see if they could repair it if you want to keep the bag...
  8. Got it. Thank you. I think i will try to return the bag. What a shame. It is a lovely bag. I love the color too in infini.
  9. If you're still interested in getting this style, Yoogis closet has a few listed..they have a really easy return policy if you don't like the bag..they have an Infini GM listed on there now...I'm sorry this bag did not work out....
  10. It can be repaired though. The "glaze" is cracking and it was a common issue with this bag. Is it an older model because they were supposed to be fixing this issue with newer models. Depending on your SA and the age of the bag win let you know if they make you pay for it or not. You will have to send it off for repair and it will take a few weeks. A quote will be given at the time of inception though!
  11. With my luck, boutique will charge me fee for repair. That is after I drive 3 and half hours to the one nearest from me. As much I like the style and color, one has to be extremely caution of buying this Empreinte line. As I know same cracking issue to Lumi, Citadine, Artsy, and now Audacieuse. I might end up getting a empreinte bandouliere 25. As I have not heard of this issue for bandouliere. If bandouliere has the same issue, then please let me know. ......feel somewhat disappointed at LV. That they created this beautiful line but with defect.

  12. LV can reglaze it, but I am not sure about the cost. I would definitely try to return it to the seller unless you got a super great deal. I've had my audacieuse for over 2 years and use it a ton. It does not have this issue at all~absolutely no signs of cracking whatsoever.
  13. Seriously!!?? May I ask when was the bag made? As someone pointed out newer ones don't have the same issue. My date code 5101. Almost made in 2012.

  14. Date Code: AR4161, so the 46th week of 2011. It's also made in France, not sure if that makes a difference but I always prefer made in France bags. Mine is definitely not new, but it looks new other than slight minor wear on the suede. Mine is ombre.
  15. I did my research and read up to. I have a citadine with no complaints. It can be tricky but with good store communication, you should be ok. Even bough your closest is three hrs away, do you have a relationship with someone there? That may help

    My citadine was made in 2012 also...