Caissa clutch

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  1. Wanting to share my mom's new Caissa Clutch in cherry. She literally walked into LV on her own expecting to pick up a Eva for her vacation, but instead she saw the Caissa clutch and literally fell in love with it. After talking to the SA, though their conversation the SA figured out that she was my mom. It literally came into the store that morning and was the only one in the store. I think it's beautiful on her, and she super happy she got it as well. What a small world. :smile:

    What are your opinions on this bag?!

    note: sorry I couldn't rotate the photo.

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  2. It's a great looking bag!! Love the chain! What was the price on this one if you don't mind me asking?
  3. i think they really knocked it out of the park with this one. congrats to your mom!!

  4. What a gorgeous clutch!:heart:
  5. WOWZER! Excuse me for being somewhat graphic but I'm extremely happy that I went pee 10 minutes ago otherwise this gorgeously beautiful clutch would have caused me to have a little accident.
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  6. Such a beauty, love the shape congrats to your mom!
  7. Very pretty!! Congrats to your mom!
  8. It's a beautiful bag. Congrats to your mom! Do you happen to know if the chains are heavy?
  9. :loveeyes:It's such a beauty and currently on my wishlist
  10. It's on my wishlist !
    Do you know if the chains gets heavy or are hurting when the bag is full ?
  11. just watched a review by lv4me on youtube where she compares the caissa clutch with the caissa tote pm. she states that the clutch is heavier presumably due to the chains. i think both the clutch and tote pm are really nice.
  12. Beautiful clutch! Congrats!
  13. *swooooon* :love::love::love:

    Your mom has great taste! Congrats!
  14. thanks you! $2,630.00 + tax in Canadian
  15. I died at your comment!! :biggrin: