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  1. Your collection is FAB! If you could only choose to keep 1 colour - which would it be???
  2. Wow Teddies, they are all so beautiful and together they really do look like a rainbow of Roxannes!

    Thanks for taking the time to photograph them. It's so nice to drool over other people's bags!
  3. Oh TeddiesC, your roxy en famille is so wonderful - and I love the white-tummied furry ones that are guarding them!

    I think my favourite is still your lemon lovely - and so happy that she cleaned up so perfectly.

    Right, Im off for some more sunshine

  4. Holy Moly - what a collection teddies! Absolutely fabulous! I better busy myself with something else now or my credit card will get a beating....:nuts:
  5. I love your Roxy collection! You have beautiful colours there, all seasons covered. :drool:
  6. What a beautiful colection! The emerald really stand out! The stone looks great! Could you post a close up of the stone??
  7. Hi teddies, thank you for the pics & I have to say what a lovely collection of roxys!!!!! :nuts:
    The emerald looks great in the line up, gorgeous colour, though I guess it's best to wear neutral clothes with her. I'm another one wondering which is your favourite / which would be *the one* if you had only one???
  8. Wow! What a collection Teddies! Love it! The emerald is gorgeous there....
  9. What an amazing group of bags. I really like your choice of colours - very subtle.
  10. Oh Teddies, they are ALL stunning. I agree that lipstick Roxy would make a wonderful addition to your collection.

    FABULOUS pics, I can't stop drooling. I love the Roxy/Rosy look.
  11. Thanks so much everyone for all the lovely comments. I must say I enjoyed getting out all my bags and having a rummage through to find the Roxys. When you see them altogether though it is rather sobering :nuts: There are individual pics in an album in my profile Bagcrazy if you want to take a peek. I think anyone can view them.

    If I could keep only one it would be a very tough decision to have to make. I think it would either be Choco or Oak. Choco is very special because she was the first one I bought. her leather is gorgeous and her studs are a sort of antique bronzy colour. She was bought from SM mail order a few years ago, back in the days when they had a waiting list. She was further reduced as she was a sub. From that day to this I don't know why. I've never been able to find anything wrong with her. Oak Roxanne is the only oak bag I have now and there has to be at least one oak bag in everyone's collection doesn't there? For that reason I may possibly choose her. Maybe I would be allowed to keep two!
  12. What a lush collection of roxys u have - very lucky indeed
    My favourite would have to be the emerald roxy - it really stands out - Just stunning!!!
  13. Fabulous Roxy-collection! :yahoo:
  14. Wow Teddie, they all look gorgeous together.
  15. Fabulous Roxys!