Buying Louis Vuitton online in Europe?

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  1. Hi there,
    I know that e-Luxury are authorised to sell LV online, but does anyone know of any online stores here in Europe? Thanks.
  2. Hi there,

    You can order online for France and the UK, via e-Luxury is owned by LVHM, and these are the only two methods of purchasing genuine Vuitton, online.

    If you phone your local LV customer services, they will usually send out, mailorder, from a store in the country you reside in, for example, I often get items sent from LV in Dublin.

    Good luck

  3. *doh*

    "LVMH". Can't believe I got my Moet and Hennessy the wrong way round!!

  4. Thanks Kathleen, appreciate that!
  5. No probs.

    Let us know what you get! :0)

    Good luck.


    (I should have also added that you can check for the nearest store to you, via Give them a ring and you may be able to get direct from the store, rather than going via the customer service centres.)
  6. Cal,
    why not just go to the boutique at P C hoofstraat :oh:
    you at Den Haag is near to Amsterdam.....
  7. Yeah, I know I should drag myself up to Amsterdam. I've got 2 very young kids at home and it's hard to get up there. If I can work out what I want I'll get LV to send it down.
  8. oh..yes you right difficuilt with chirldren around.....
    i be going there this thurday morning...with train (i cant drive:shame: ) :smile: from rotter-ams....:P....then take a tram from the central to P C....
  9. I'm jealous......I think I might call in a sick day......
  10. does eluxury ship to europe?
  11. When I lived in Norway and needed something from a site that didn't ship to Norway, I used as a middle-man. They gave me an "american address" to fill in, and then when they got the package they sendt it back to me in Norway. Maybe there's something similar for the country you live in?
  12. i wish the UK had something like jetcarrier
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    Last edited: Jul 10, 2012
    Hi Ladies!

    would love to ask if I can purchase from if I am from Ireland?
  14. You can purchase from there but they will only ship to an address in France. Same with all the other online countries. They will only ship to an address within their country.