Buyers who are bullies?

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  1. Has this ever happened to you?

    I am selling an item right now for a very reasonable starting bid. A potential buyer has emailed me several times with the same $$ offer (there is no Best Offer on the auction, but there is a BIN price), and when I took the time to explain why I just couldn't sell it at that price, she has written several other emails that have gotten more and more aggressive in tone. I think she's basically trying to bully me into selling the bag to her for the price she wants to pay!

    Um, first of all, I was telling the truth about why I can't sell it for less. Second, it's not unreasonably priced AT ALL. Third, bullying me is absolutely positively not going to make me change my mind even if I could, LOL. Fourth, intimating that I am somehow lying will get you added to my BBL in about a minute.

    Any other sellers ever have this happen to them? If so, feel free to vent here.
    ps the funny thing is that this potential buyer also sells on eBay. So I am kind of thinking, well of course she wants it for what she's trying to buy it for; she could make a lot of profit on it!
  2. I'd block her from my auctions if I were you. If she's this much trouble before the auction ends, just imagine what she'll be like if she wins and the item isn't exactly to her liking.
  3. What I PITA - I would also add her/him to my BBL.
  4. I would also block her and report her to eBay. I wouldn't even bother answering her messages.......Hit "delete"!
  6. Thanks everyone! I felt a little bad after posting my whole rant, but it's nice to know that others would feel as offended as I did if this happened to them!
  7. whats wrong with ebayers these days? you wouldent go into a store and demand a lower price so why should it be any different on eBay?
  8. LOL you obviously never met my Mother in Law. :roflmfao:
  9. ooh she sent you more emails?
  10. Oh I didn't even know you can block buyers. I guess I'm still new to selling. I got an email today from a buyer asking if she can buy my bag for only $5 more than what the starting price is. What's the point? If that's all you can afford, just bid up to that amount and if you get, you get it. I haven't responded. Not sure what to say. But I hope she won't be bullying me too!
  11. I agree with all the postings here. Block her. Ignore her.
  12. You don't owe anyone an explanation. If you don't want to sell it at that price, just say no. I used to sell collectibles at swap and sells, and there was one guy who was just so obnoxious, that I refused to sell it to him just on principle. What is wrong with people?
  13. I don't know how you can be so kind, some of these ebay buyers have no couth!
  14. Agreed! You have no obligation to respond to her and her belligerancy is only making her an even less appealing buyer - you already know what's going to happen if she buys it and then complains....I forsee nothing but trouble. In my years of selling on ebay I have dealt with many really lovely people, both buyers and sellers - but unfortunately as with anything in life, it's the bad/difficult ones that seem to set the tone and make us all so frustrated! But it's nice to know from this forum that we all have the same experiences.
  15. I had the same problem with a bidder when I was trying to sell an LV Miroir bag. He kept on pushing and pushing and I actually started wondering if maybe he was going to use a stolen credit card. Watch out for the overly aggressive ones, they may be trying to push you into a sale in order to scam you.