Buyers Remorse........

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  1. I think i'm going to return my olive balenciaga city and white twiggy. I've noticed too many people on the streets, malls, restaurants with fakes. Plus i think i can get a way better quality bag with the kinda $$ i spent on them. What do you gals think? agree disagree? no biased opinons i know there are tons of balenciaga fan, but i'm sure ya'll understand where i'm coming from.
  2. I agree. If you have an "urge" to return, that usually means something....
  3. I donno if i'm going to regret it though.....
  4. How about returning one, maybe the one that's less *fab* to you{?}
    I agree . . . follow your gut.
  5. Hmm... I have a soft spot for B-bags, but it is a lot of money too. If you are feeling buyer's remorse, I would turn them back in. Make sure that is what you want to do and that you won't regret sending them back in.

    Personally, I would probably keep one. Thankfully, I don't see them all over the place over here. The good side is that B-bags haven't really changed in forever, except for the leather, so if you do decide you want more afterall, you could get one then!
  6. Huh? :blink: Noooooooo.... I'll say keep one and return the other one. ;)
  7. i just received my olive b-bag in the mail today. don't love the color- i'm returning it. for that amount of $$$ you have to love it!
  8. not taking into account the many fakes around, don't u like them when u got them? i believe the leather of these bags are very good (and nice smell too). And these bags look very durable.:smile:

    There are also alot of LV fakes around. Personally, that won't stop me from buying one if I really like it.

    If it bothers u, perhaps return the one which too many people are carrying?
  9. if you're not 100% enamored of the bags, return them. there are bags out there that you love more, you have just yet to find them.
  10. I so agree. Please remember there will always be fakes out there New York & Co. in the mall has replica Kooba's. Do what you feel is right but not because you saw a fake.
  11. its not soo much that there are fakes out there, I just think b bags looks cheap. I bought into a trend and i'm just glad i still have time to get my moneyback. I know theres something wrong when i don't really care whether or not i own these bags.
  12. ^^

    EXACTLY. If you don't care about whether or not you have them, then it's better just not to have them.
  13. if you don't love it. return it. it's a lot of money for things you don't really love. sleep on it.
  14. I agree with everyone else. It's too much $$$ to not 100% love it!
  15. Everyone here speaks the truth...if you don't get that pitter patter in your heart every time you wear it, then it wasn't true love. I've experienced this many times before and know it was buyer's remorse. It's ok to feel that way, just keep your eyes open for your next love!