Butterfly's got two new Miu Miu's!

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  1. :biggrin: Introducing my new Bow Detail Leather Bag and my Shopping Bag Tote. As soon as I saw the bows that are in almost everything in the Fall Collection, I knew I had to have something, a bag, shoes, with a bow in it.

    I've had it for a bit more than a month and it's pure bliss! :biggrin::biggrin: Now, last week, well, let's just say I lost my mind at a Miu Miu store...again! :nuts: No, not because I bought too much but because I had this ecstatic feeling the whole time I was there I couldn't even carry on a conversation, that's how distracted I was by all the beautiful things from the Fall collection. I ended up buying a bag from the Shopping Bag Collection in Bleu, it's very lightweight and practical. And it's got silver hardware!!!! :yahoo:I've never been a fan of carrying logos but somehow it makes me happy that the shopping bag collection has the little miu miu logo in silver hardware in the front...all my mm bags with silver hardware have it either in the back or the side...can you tell I am happy? :wlae:

    Btw, I am so ready for the Spring 2011 Show in Paris! :dothewave:

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  2. So pretty!

    (and omgggg silver hardware! So jealous!)
  3. OMG - these bags are sooo gorgeous - congrats!
  4. i love both!
  5. gorgeous buy! congrats!
  6. oh interesting silver hardware.. congrates!
  7. both are just gorgeous! congrats!! :biggrin:
  8. Congrats butterfly! Great haul!!!
  9. cute! congrats
  10. congrats on your new bags! they're really nice. haven't seen those before. modelling pics please! esp of the bow detail one
  11. They both are beautiful, congrats!
  12. ohhh congrats

  13. woo nice!! love yr new bow detail bag!! :biggrin:
  14. Very lovely!! congrats!!!
  15. The bow detail bag with the silver bow looks interesting! Is it very roomy?
    I was so tempted to get the shopping bag too during the summer sale when it was selling at 40% off!!! It's SOOO light, one of those bags that you will just carry it everyday. You can consider adding a MM charm to it. The display pc that I saw had and the charm made it even more attractive!