Burberry Love Hate?

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  1. What is your opinion of Burberry? Do you like the Novacheck bags?
  2. I don't so much like the Burberry check (or plaid) anymore, simply because it is so common and my eyes have become a bit tired of it. I own an old Burberry tote in the nova, however.
    I've really liked some of the more subtle Burberry bags that have come out in recent years, however -- these didn't use the check, but used leather, etc.

    I don't like the way Burberry has become a massive company, however and the fact that they have splintered into two -- Burberry London, which mainly caters to the more 'popular' taste (quite mass produced, and often a lesser quality than their older stuff), and then Prorsum (sp?), the real designer, expensive line.

    They are a bit overexposed.
  3. Burberry bags don't do anything for me, but I would love to have one of their trench coats one day.

    I also wear the Burberry fragrance (Burberry London).
  4. Yes, their trenches are still nice. But still -- much more mass produced than they were. I decided not to buy a Burberry trench for this very reason, when I bought a new trench last year.
    Must be me, but I can't wear their fragrances -- hate them, they smell so sweaty to me. I bought one of them for my mother, though...
  5. The only Burberry things I own are pochette and two scarfs in Novacheck! That's more than enough plaid for my closet!!!
  6. That's how I feel.
  7. I like their nova check in small amounts, I have a pochette with the darker check and the knight. One of my professors has a smashing Burberry tie, it looks really, really good. He's got such an awesome tie collection, he never seems to wear the same one twice !
  8. I actually love Burberry. The scarves are so soft and come in so many colors!
  9. I was really into it for a quick season which explains my classic novacheck wool scarf, a pair of eyeglasses, and a tote in the pink check.
  10. I don't love Burberry so much but I don't think that they're anymore overexposed than LV or any other monogram
  11. I am not the fan of their classic checks...
  12. i love the pink check and the burberry styles that do not have the classic novacheck design.
  13. i love the candy check. other than that i'm not too keen on the classic nova check but i like their seasonal things like my paisley wristlet. i love their coats and cashmere scarves, too!
  14. I love Burberry... really dig the nova check thing. Hopefully I'll own one of their nice coats in the future.
  15. I don't really like them too much, but I think the pink is adorable :biggrin: