Burberry Harris Linden Tote

  1. Does anyone have this bag? What do you think of it? I bought it yesterday (marked down to $379 from $850), and now I worry that it's too big for me.

    How do you like your tote?
  2. do you have a bigger pic? is it anything like the regular harris? i have the regular harris and can send you pics of that if it's the same. I LOVE mine btw :smile: One of my most used because of convenience, size and style.
  3. Where did you find this bag on sale? Is the classic harris on sale?
  4. I still see the regular harris at the store for full price: $695. :|
  5. I couldn't find a bigger pic online while I was at work, but I can take a picture when I get home and post it here, so you lovely ladies can tell me if it looks silly on me.

    I think it's might longer than the regular Harris tote, I venture to say maybe it's 20 inches long x 7 inches tall. If that sounds about right for the size of your Harris, I'd love to see pics!


  6. I found this bag at the Burberry store in Philadelphia. They're not showing it online on sale (or I else I could post a better picture), but there's a TON of stuff on sale in the stores right now.
  7. Everyone is talking about the Burberry sales!! I wish I lived near a store
  8. I bought that very same tote in black today for the same price!!! I absolutely love it. I'll probably only use it for work because it is a lot bigger than most of my other purses but it's a classic so I don't mind it being big at all. Besides, I can throw my paperwork in there without having to worry about it getting bent or squished. Post modeling pics of yours when you can!
  9. I'll post pics soon, LV. I bought mine in black, too, but that brown pic was the only one I could find online--either this bag is a rare find or it's popular among luddities. :smile:

    I was essentially looking to replace my coach hamptons leather tote with an everyday/work appropriate bag, and I hope this is it.

    Do you think you'll carry it on your shoulder, in the crook of your elbow, or by hand? I want to carry it on my shoulder, but that's where I worry it looks to big...
  10. Congrats on your new bag- it looks gorgeous!
  11. I like this purse? The kind that you can use everyday. Not too big not too small. What's the name of this purse and how much did you buy it?
  12. This one is called the Harris. Retail value is $695. I got it for $600 w/ a friend's Nordstrom's 20% off. It's quite a bit for me to spend on a purse but I can tell you I personally feel it's worth every penny. ;)
  13. mad-4-plaid... that's the nicest burberry bag i've laid eyes on. which season was that?
  14. Oh thanks. It's been out since December of last year. Sold out as Christmas gifts for people. So it's a style that'll soon be exiting (from what the salesperson told me). Which is why I bought it. :smile:
  15. It looks like a really cute bag Congratulations.