Burberry Blue Label...

  1. Don't know if you read chinese....Anyways, just refer to the pics.
    This is a yahoo auction site in taiwan. The pictures are some of the more popular models. I suppose you can print the pictures out and ask your girlfriend to show the pics at a store.

    I would say most of the burberry blue label bags are between $200 to $400, and you get a 5% tax return at the store if you purchased over $10000 yen. Most major dept stores in Tokyo carry burberry blue label and you don't have to worry about authenticity.

    Don't know if your friend is familiar with Tokyo or speak Japanese. If she can, I would recommend two places to visit. One is the Burberry flagship store at Ginza, 7 stories, the entire basement is blue label merchandise, clothing as well as bags and accessories. There is a blue label only store at Omote Sando, 2 stories high, and it is simply amazing. The blue label store carry some exclusive items. If she can go there, maybe she can take pics and transmit the photos back for you to see?? Good luck!
  2. Post a pic of it. Maybe ladies here can help?
  3. can some blue label expert plz help me to authenticate this bag ??



  4. hi all
    i'm new here :smile:

    just wondering, is there any other sites that carries authentic BBL besides Pisa? i'm not really into auction sites.. and don't have anyone going to Japan to get for me :/

  5. I have the same problem. I really want a blue label bag but
    I don't know anyone going to Japan!! But I'm scared to buy
    from Pisa since Im not sure about the authenticity...
    I've recieved a fake in the past from eBay so now I
    question online buying.
  6. Hi Satouyuri..

    From what I see from this pics, hmm..I m not really sure that its a real one, coz I have few Burberry Blue Label (some bags and wallet) that I purchased here in Tokyo (I am now living in Tokyo), so I m not worried bout the originality.

    I particularly suspicious bout the tag, coz its written Burberrys London Blue Label, all of my blue label were not like that, its written Burberry London Blue Label..

    But maybe other friends here know it better than I...

    If you really like Blue Label, then I can help you to purchase it from here, so you dont have to worry bout their originality.

  7. By looking at the tag and the tag's position, I think this one is authentic, coz Burberry Blue Label has this kind of model before and its quite popular here.
  8. I don't own this style of blue label bag. But I know this style has been discontinued probably about a couple of years ago. I have seen bag with the same style and color. They came in several sizes, if I remembered correctly.
  9. Hi everyone, i recently bought a burberry blue label wallet in Japan when i went travelling, but when i returned, i realised that theres a defect and i am wondering if there is anyway for mi to get it changed
  10. Are you in the US? Since Burberry Blue Label is only available in Japan, I don't think the US Burberry can do anything about it...but, it never hurts to ask?! Have you tried to contact the Burberry Blue Label in Japan?
  11. Hi Satouyuri, the one on eBay which auction has already ended is a fake one....the deadgiveaway is 'Burberrys'. It should be 'Burberry Blue Label' without 's' for Burberry. I heard even if in Japan and Korea, there's already fake BBL but it is considered safe so long as u buy within the department stores or the flagship stores themselves and not from any 'factory outlets' coz there's never be one.

    I've owned a few BBL items and u should always ask for the serial no on a white label inside the bag itself. The white label should also correspond with the hangtag on the bag and should state the material used.

    Hope this helps.
  12. :smile:
    Seems authentic to me too as I used to own this small dumpling bag before. It has been discontinued 2 years already so u can't find them even in Japan anymore. Hongkong and Taiwan are the only places where maybe u can still get them albeit a higher prices at those parallel imports stores. I had the smaller and the larger sizes. The thing about these dumpling bags are they are not colorfast. I tried washing them and the colors ran throughout the bags.
  13. Can anyone help me authenticate this bag? This is the only photo I have of it, so if you have one like it, can you please take a photo of the front and inside for me too. Thanks!