Burberry Blue Label...

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  1. hi,

    just wondering your thoughts on the blue label...

    anyone?? thanks:yes:
  2. To my understanding, it is a line produced for sale in Japan only. Please correct me if I am wrong...
  3. No that is right. Blue Label is officially only available in Japan. If you go to the Ginza store - there's a whole floor for Blue label and they also have regular and Prorsum there.

    There's actually a Black Label for men in Japan too.

    You may find re-sellers selling Blue Label in other asian countries or asian areas in North America - but if you go that route - you'll need to know your stuff since there's no guaranteed way of knowing authenticity otherwise.
  4. I actually found a blue label burberry in bloomies clearance a couple of years ago, the cosmetic pack with the long strap is my favorite cross body.
  5. Personally, I think Burberry Blue Label bags are more fresh looking and they have nicer designs. However, once you bring one to North America or such, people have no idea what you are holding and you could even be mistaken for holding a fake! :sad:
  6. i agree, i used to hold my bag and ppl will comment on what a pretty "checker" bag i got.:hysteric:
  7. Can someone please post a picture of a Blue Label bag? I'd be very curious to see what it looks like!:balloon:
  8. go to
    and look for burberry blue label.. they have a bunch of items!
  9. Do you think the quality is lower? The prices seem to be...
  10. do they sell authentic stuff on the pisa.com.hk site? it does seem to be a bit cheaper
  11. its authentic stuff...
    burberry blue label is cheaper than burberry london in general
    you can get a blue label bag for about 2000 hkd which is about 300 cdn or so...
  12. i don't find the quality lower...
    my aunt is a blue label fanatic and has many blue label bags and accessories...
    they hold up very well and are very pretty...
  13. I think the Blue Label is a special licensed product from Japan only. It's younger and more affordable. I like it because no one here has it. But the quality is only so/so IMHO.
  14. I also think the quality (the materials used) isn't that good.
  15. ^^^^ yeah the material is more cloth like and such, but you can still use a blue label bag for years and years and it won't fall apart
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