Burberry Blue Label...

  1. ladies, need some opinion! what do you think abt these bags:

    the one on the left:

    the one in the middle:
  2. Hi everyone,
    Would like to find out where can i find pictures of blue label latest series of bags on the internet other than pisa.hk. I am in japan now and will be getting one for my wife and would to let her choose herself as i know my taste is bad. Thanks.
  3. http://www.burberry-bluelabel.com/

    Here's the store listing:

    Where in Japan are u at? I'm in Japan too.
  4. Thanks but the collection seem limited. Saw some really nice bags at the store but picture not available online.

    Btw i am in Kyoto. Will be here for another month. What about you? which part of japan?
  5. A friend of mine helped me buy this bag in Japan and I'm lovin't it... :heart::heart:
    my bbl.jpg
  6. Hi laughingman, there's a taiwanese website that u can go to:


    they've got heaps and heaps of pics of burberry blue label stuff, but the problem is, it's in Chinese character, I'm not sure whether you understand Chinese, but I spose u can still have a look at it...

    I hope u can find the right bag for your wife:smile:
  7. Many thanks!
  8. I (kinda) live in Oita prefecture in Kyushu..Kyoto is cool tho...very traditional yet modern!

  9. I love ur bag!!! Which part of japan did your friend buy it from? And how much is it?? Do you have the model number as well??? I LOVE BURBERRY BLUE LABEL~~~ I can't wait to get one for myself!!!
  10. Thanksss....;)

    My friend bought it in Tokyo, cos' she's from Tokyo, but I'm not sure which store it was from, the bag cost me about 215 USD. and believe it or not, even though it's light pink, but it's a very low maintenance type of bag.. I use it everywhere and if it ever gets dirty, you just need to use one of those wet wipes to clean it off :tup:

    Sorry but I don't have the model number, I spose you can just show them the pic that I gave you.. :yes:
  11. So do you have the measurement of the bag? Just wanna to chk if it big enough for me. My friend going to Tokyo, so am asking her to help me to get one for myself.
  12. What do you guys feel about this brand? I think it's aimed at the Japanese market, and the bags are mostly canvas. The prices are pretty low too. I have two pink ones that I bought, and they are pretty good for everyday use, in the rain, or at school. And they can fit so much too!


    I was in HongKong 2 years ago in the summer, and practically every 20-something year old woman had one. In the small size or the huge tote ones.

    I have the pink one of this style, I'll post pics of my bag later.


  13. I think it is very pretty! I like them-
  14. The last wallet, is that a new collection from Blue Label? Anyone know the style number for the longer one? Thanks
  15. It's great to see knowledgeable consumers here who actually are aware of Burberry's Blue/Black Label.

    A couple of years ago, my mother was interested in the Blue Label and asked her niece (who goes to Japan every few months) to find her a bag. She selected a shopper tote for her but my mom didn't like the style so she asked me to sell it on eBay. Bad mistake. A few days after I listed it, my auction was taken down because a Burberry London representative was scouting for fakes and reported mine. I contacted that representative and asked why my auction was taken down and she replied that my bag was a fake because Burberry London has no such label as the "Blue Label." :rolleyes: