1. I have noticed from the many posts on here that a lot of you have bunnies. I am an animal lover myself, but had never thought of having a rabbit until I read some of your posts. I have two cats and two dogs. I am wondering if you have rabbits, what other animals you have, and which breeds. How many breeds are there? Are they had to litter train? Would it be bad to have a rabbit in the house with my other pets? My cats and dogs are sweethearts that get along very well. They're all fixed and the cats are front declawed. Thanks for any opinions/help!! :biggrin:
  2. i have three rex rabbits. the oldest one lives with my mom b/c she loves him so and wouldn't let me take him. they are very easy to litter train and from my own experience the rex breed is the most loveable breed! they crave attention. i ended up adopting one from the humane society and was not home enough to give him the attention he deserved so i got him a little friend a few weeks ago and they get along great! they sleep nose to nose and are always together! too cute for words!

    i'm not sure about a rabbit with a cat and dog though, they do get easily spooked.

    this is a pic of my oldest bun, "Rexamophone
  3. I used to have a bunny his name was Mole! He was the cutest thing ever!!!
  4. Aww blushingbaby! He's soo cute.
  5. That rabbit is ADORABLE! That makes me want one. I have budgies. :smile:
  6. How adorable!!! :love:
  7. So you can actually let them live in the house like a dog and they will pee and poo in a litter box?
  8. Yup! Mine are so well-behaved...well the older two are...i'm working on the little one! hehe :nuts:
  9. I'm not sure what "breed" my rabbit is. He's about 3 years old. He's generally very sweet & got along with my older dog. Our newer dog (jack russell terrier) would try to "play" with him, I'm afraid. So they never get together. I didnt train him with a litter box..he's always had a cage. He runs around the house, though. But I have to watch him b/c he likes to eat wires! My cousin's rabbit lives loose in the house & is very well behaved. All my animals are pretty spoiled & not too well trained! LOL
  10. Can rabbits and cats live happily together? Do they need separate litter boxes? I've had a rabbit before, but never at the same time as a cat. Would it work? If you think it would, I would love to get another bunny.
  11. I'd like to know, too!
  12. I have a pet bunny--we also have dogs, but the bunny has her "own" room. (It's the guest room, but we call it "the bunny room.")

    I agree that rabbits can run free in the house BUT they do chew, and some more than others! One of my rabbits chewed the binding on books--that was her thing. Another loved electrical cords, (which can be dangerous!) and another loovved to pull out the yarn of the carpet--she literally made all four corners of the carpet completely bald!!!

    Bunnies can be wonderful pets, BUT you do need to watch them when they are out. Some can learn to leave the chewables alone, and some will never, ever give it up. (Their teeth are always growing, so it's instinctive.) I give mine green tree branches to munch on.

    Male rabbits shouls always be neutered, or they will "spray" (pee) to mark their territory. Rabbits are VERY territorial!

    It's important to make sure your bunny has a litter box, because they can absolutely be trained to use it! (They are quite clean.)

    Rabbits are affectionate, sweet animals who require attention. It's important to be sure you have time for them if you are thinking of adopting one. I don't mean to sound bossy, I just really care about rabbits, and all animals!
  13. You don't sound bossy! Just knowledgable. :smile: Thanks for all the info!! I have a shih tzu and a westie. Hopefully they would be ok. I wonder if there's a fostering program so I could have a 'trial-run'.
  14. Snowwhite is so right in everything that was just said. We had 4 bunnies, and the oldest was 12 when he died. They require alot of attention and love. They are extremely smart animals with their own personalities. Our bunnies were treated as well as our children. We didn't leave them in their cages all day long and they had cages from Italy that were enormous that stood on legs off the ground. They had quite a bit of running around time at least every 3-4 hours. Fresh veggies everyday and fruit and nuts along with their rabbit pellets and alfalfa. We found it neccessary to take them to the Vet to get their teeth clipped as they got older because then did not chew as much as they did when they were a few years old. Some Rabbits will get along with other pets, we found that our 3 girls at the end had to be separated after spending years loving one another. They are unlike Cats that can be left alone for hours. Bunnies crave attention and affection and when given what they need they will live a long a happy life!
  15. I was wondering if the breed of the dog would have anything to do with how the bunny and puppy get along? I know that some breeds are born 'ratters' like the Jack Russell and other terriers. Either way, you should be very careful when introducing a new pet.