Bumble Surf Spray

  1. Does anyone use Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray? It's a spray that's supposed to give you the "beach hair" loook - natural, wavy, and kinda windblown - you know, the way your hair looks after you get out of the salt water and it dries.

    Anyway, all I've seen online were RAVE reviews of it. I went to my salon and bought it ($18 for 4 oz. - I was pleasantly surprised, though, since online they said it was between $23-$27), and it looks GREAT while my hair is drying, but later in the day, my hair just kinda looks lumpy. I'm not sure if I'm doing it right, or how to really use it. Any tips from anyone who has it?
  2. John Frieda's "Ocean Waves" is better and cheaper.
  3. I've used it. I don't like it that much, it made my hair kind of gritty. Apparently the cat of Lost uses it.
  4. I don't know about Bumble, but I have John Frieda's as well and it works great AND is cheaper!
  5. OMG - i love the john frieda stuff, but for the past like 3 months NO PLACE within like 200 miles of my house carries it!!!!!!!!!! AAHHHH
  6. I wanted the John Frieda, but it's discontinued...
  7. i have the surf spray and I find it works best on dry hair and you should just use a tiny amount because as the day goes on it seems to get more and more windblown and "beachy."
  8. What does it make your hair look/feel like? I read about it in USWeekly.
  9. I have used it and find I can only spray a little on when my hair is wet!
    One of my friends can only use it when her hair is dry! A little goes a long way with the surf spray, and I find it very drying, just like being
    out in the sun at the beach all day!
  10. I like the fact that it give some exrta waves to my hair, but yeah the hair are dry like after being at the beach :beach:
  11. it made my hair and crispy. try spraying it on damp hair. maybe it's weighing your hair down?
  12. ^^No it's not. The old version which was called: "Beach Blonde Ocean Waves sea spray" was discontinued. It smelled like coconut - not good for 365 days of the year.

    The new product is called Brilliant Brunette Starlit Waves

    It is a much better product now, with a nice normal smell.

    I also have the B&B version - but that one made my hair just dry and crispy - the JF one is much much much better - and 1/3 the price too!!
  13. ^ Oh no! I loved that coconut smell...any day of the year! :smile:
  14. OMG thanks so much! ^^ I'm gonna run out and get that this afternoon :yes:
  15. I've never tried the bumble&bumble, but I sort of make a similar concoction that I use in my hair- water, salt and a little oil. shake, mist, repeat. I dunno, I use it because my hair is curly and salt and oil makes the curls lock.