Buf-Puf and some of your oldies but a goodies

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  1. So, is anyone else addicted to these things? I remember using them a while back, and just ordered some more to get back into using them. There is nothing, for me, that exfoliates as well as these little pads!

    That got me thinking...what are your oldies but goodies you always return to?
  2. Every now and then I return to Noxema, I started using that when I was about 12.
  3. I buy a bottle of Sea breeze once a year!
  4. What is Buf-Puf? I've never heard of them - what are they?
  5. They're a lovely white hand-sized pad that exfoliates quite nicely. Especially on your face.
  6. I remebered those. I use to steal them from my coussin everytime I would see her. Every once in a while I borrow my mom's pound's cold cream. It's a staple for her and something that I feel in the mood to use once in a while. I also get a itch to use Noxema once in a great while. But I remember that alful weird burning sensation it gives my skin and then that makes me not want to use it anymore.
  7. Buff Puffs, Sea breeze...staples when I was a teen!!! I swear...nothing would make my face feel as clean as Sea Breeze. Now its too drying. I so love the smell of noxema. My niece uses it so whenever she is around I will use it to wash my hands just for the smell! :smile: St. Ives exofliant is a goody too.
  8. Anyone remember short n' sassy shampoo? I had a Dorothy Hamill haircut when I was a young teen and wouldn't use anything else! :lol: I also loved Aziza makeup. They had the best blushes and eyeshadows. Cheap too. I wish they still made some of that stuff. I also remember liking the eye pencils made by Borghesa. I also liked to wear Love's Baby Soft and also Musk.
  9. Um I still use seabreeze and a buff puff!
  10. ^^^ Aziza is still around apparently. I find Aziza stuff at Dollar Tree all the time.

    I was shocked to learn some products that I used quite regularly as a kid were still around, such as Bari Cosmetic's "Love My" line (Love My Nails, Love My Lips, etc). Wal-Mart carries the stuff. It's basically like Wet 'n' Wild. Cheap, cheap, cheap! Also, I didn't know Ten-O-Six skin cleanser is still around. I used to use that stuff as a teen. The main ingredient was alcohol! Yipes! A lot of fragrances that I used to use are still around as well. Examples are Navy, Malibu Musk, Charlie, Sweet Honesty, and Timeless. I still like the smell of Sweet Honesty, Timeless, Navy, and Charlie. However, Malibu Musk is pretty vile! I don't know what I was thinking. My mom always wore Aviance Night Musk. It's hard to find, but it's still out there.
  11. prell shampoo - remember the pearl test commercial?
  12. Bonne Bell lip smacker!! Going on about 30 years using it and loving it!!
  13. OMG. I just had a conversation w/ my BFF's dad about Prell. Apparently, he can only find it at the PX.

    Oh, and the other day I was at a drug store that looked like a time machine inside and they actually had Love's Baby Soft. I used to have a nightshirt w/ LBS on it that I got after I cut out the bar codes and sent it w/ the receipt + $4.99 for shipping.

    I think I might be dating myself here. :supacool:
  14. Excellent. I might have to break down and get some buff puffs again. You can REALLY exfoliate w/ those things.

    And how about Bonne Bell 10-0-6 astringent? Classic.

  15. I will never forget 5th grade, I got the big Bonne Bell Watermelon lipsmacker. The nuns took it away from me at school. After a while Sister Mary Margaret did give it back to me after asking, "Where did you get that? It smells good!" (answer: TG&Y!) :lol: Sister MM is still around, she's elderly now but her and my Mom still lunch a couple times a month!!