Brooke Hogan's Totally Photoshopped Photo shoot

  1. [​IMG]
  2. She looks about 35 in those pics. How old is she?
  3. isn't she 19ish? i remember i saw an episode of hogan knows best in which i found out she was 16.....i was shocked because i thought she was in her mid to late 20's :Push:
  4. Yes, totally photoshopped but I think she looks good in those pics!
  5. I am surprised Hulk Hogan allowed her to do those.
  6. wow, she does NOT look like that. but she is still mighty skinny
  7. Well, the body isn't crazy photoshopped.. but oh the face !
  8. Well she's at least 20 pounds heavier, and her face looks like a cartoon. I mean, is that what guys want to see?? it's pathetic, she's a pretty girl and her normal weight is fine, just leave her alone and stop making her look like a freak.
  9. I have to say I love wrestling. I like Hulk Hogan, Brooke Hogan is the daughter of the famous wrestler Hulk Hogan. She needs to stop acting like a ho.
  10. OH MY GOSH!!

    Those actually make me sad and my feelings hurt for her.

    Those photos DO NOT accurately depict her at all.
    She's NO WHERE near that tiny, the proprtion is WAY off compared to what she looks like in real life, they even thinned out her head too much.

    My feelings would be crushed if someone PS'd my pics that much :sad:
  11. i use to love hulk hogan until this whole "hogan knows best" crap came out...

    they're a bunch of hypocrites.
    in the show he is always trying to act all overprotective and stuff and he even places a global positioning system in her car and then he lets her come out with this? i think Brooke hogan is attention deprived and who thinks that just because her daddy is hulk hogan she all of a sudden can become a pop singer..she cant sing AT ALL..i'm sorry, but i REALLY dislike her..
  12. she looks abit heaver in the show,and her face is REALLY photoshoped!,that picture doesnt look like her at all.
  13. I remember the GPS episode... my sisters and I thought it was weird that he was playing the strict dad yet letting her go out with a guy in his 20s when she was still 16.
  14. LOL, that's what i'm saying! And she and her mom really bug me because i can't open a magazine without seeing them at some event..augh!! maybe I just dislike her because I had waited to see Hulk in real life for 16 years and I finally got the chance to in July and he didn't do any of his usual poses because for some reason he brought her out! :sad:
  15. It's all in the name of making money