Brokenhearted & Moving to the SOUTH: Georgia,Louisiana???!!!! Help!

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  1. Hello guys and gals:

    I am 30, originally from Spain and 2 years ago I fell in love with some guy from SF Bay area online. We talked for months and I felt this he was the one, so I bought a tickets, packed up my things I flew there! He saw me... and he instantly friendzoned me. He wasnt attracted to me (too fat and small boobs...he confessed). I waited as a FWB for him to change his mind for a year (I know I know.... pathetic). But he did. We moved in together and we were happy for some months, but I guess he never really liked me and the relationship was basically one sided. Me crazy for him and him... crazy... to get out of it. Finally after months of no intimacy... he called it quits.

    So now... Why am I living in an area I clearly cannot afford to live in? where I dont know ANYBODY? I'm so lonely. I work as a veterinary assistant so I live of minimum wage and my rent of a ROOM! (isn't it crazy that at age 30 I'm renting a room?). I feel I could move somewhere where my salary could afford me a 2 bedroom apartment/house. Where my bags can have their own space! lol and my pug can have a backyard. So I am debating where to move.

    I want a place that is not 120F in summer, that doesnt snow. So I figured the South might work. Also those places (AL and GA) have university where I can study what I want, but I open to suggestions.

    I want to find a man who I can settle with who is family oriented (no man seems to be family oriented or even ready for a relationship before the age of 50 here in the bay area! crazy!), I want to be able to afford a home (a 3 br home in the bay area costs about a million dollars)!!!!! I want to be able to survive with my job. So if I get paid 1200/month I want to be able to survive and not struggle like I do here in Cali.

    Do any of you live here? I dont know anybody there and I have so many questions!
  2. Congratulations for deciding to move on. What cities are you considering in GA/LA?
  3. Not only does it get hot in LA/GA it is also humid. Beautiful place but the summers can be rough.
    Have you looked into Southern California? There are affordable areas outside of Los Angeles.

    ETA I really don't know where you could live anywhere in the US on 1200 a month though. Do you work full time? Can you get a room mate?
  4. For sure you could live for less in the South or Midwest, as long as it's not smack dab in the middle of a large city. But you would want to check if your paycheck would be significantly less, too. Southern California is less expensive than SF or NY, but still pretty expensive unless you have roommates or live inland away from the beach. I would not be embarrassed to have roommates at 30. You're right, from my experience in California, we grow up slower (get married later in life and don't want to settle down. Way too many options and too much fun!) so what is wrong with having a roommate if you can save some money. I wouldn't want to live in SF or NY unless I was making serious dough. Don't feel too bad, I have a pug too, she doesn't care about a backyard! Lol. They are happy to be apartment dogs.
  5. Google "what is it like to live in _______". Take your time and keep researching - you will find a lot of info. If you find a place you like, start looking at the real estate and job sites for that area.

    I have lived in humid areas. It is uncomfortable but your body adapts. It's great for skin but not so much for certain hair types (like mine), but there are hair products and treatments now that may help. With heat and humidity you will be doing a lot more laundry and you get used to sweating.

    Florida may be an option. There is a large hispanic population in South Florida and you are often within driving distance of beaches anywhere in Florida. Real estate is all over the board. Don't be discouraged by the million dollar beach homes.

    I am considering a move myself, and what I can say is don't be rushed. Think it through and make the right decision. Get to a point where you are excited about where you are going to, not running away from where you are. Think about your options where you are as well. Where you go may not be nearly as nice. How will you feel in a place that is not as nice? What can you do where you are to change your opinion about it? You can meet new people, connect with groups, move to a less expensive area close by, find a different job or career, start a side business, etc. Just consider staying because it will help you make the right decision (wherever it is) and feel good about it.
  6. Sorry to hear about the broken heart! For some men it will be a long time before they feel comfortable "settling down".

    I don't think you are crazy renting a room. Unfortunately the area is expensive to live in and I know many people renting, sharing or living with parents to save as much money as possible.

    If you want to meet new friends (in any area), I suggest joining a sports team, take community college classes or attend meet ups. I met some interesting people through these activities!
  7. I live in North Carolina- and it still snows. We have Ice Storms in the winter, and Altanta gets way more snow than we do! If you want decent weather most of the time Atlanta is not where you want to go-the humidity there is also ridiculous.
  8. Both Georgia and Louisiana are super-hot in the summer. Georgia gets ice storms that were previously mentioned.

    Definitely look into suburb areas if you are considering Georgia - rent and home prices are significantly less than in the city of Atlanta, where rent tends to start off at $1200.
  9. I'm a bit confused that you're making minimum wage yet own multiple designer handbags, but whatever (perhaps they were gifts). Where I live, you can def get a one bedroom place for $700/month in the historic district. It's not gonna be baller, but it's a roof over your head and will be close to a lot of action.
    A better question, what are you gonna do to get a solid career going? You say you don't want to struggle. The answer isn't to get a place with a lower cost of living, it's to find a career that will pay you more.
  10. This is confusing. I am sorry about your living and job situation, but you are very active in the Chanel forum, posting about buying all sorts bags and looking to buy others. You also posted that you were looking to buy a birkin for yourself for your 30th birthday. I think you should sell and/or stop buying bags and get your finances under control before you consider a move. If you are in fact making minimum wage, unless you have a benefactor, you should not be buying all these bags.
  11. Well after doing some reading in Chanel I too now am trying to wrap my head around the fact that you own 13 Chanel bags on a minimum wage salary. Please fill us in on how you do that! Not kidding. [emoji52]
  12. And didn't you say you lived in NYC and Indiana too?
  13. why you dont go back to europe?

  14. No, Bags, OP posted that she has 80 bags in her closet.
  15. Being the sleuth that I am I see that OP is still active in the Chanel section but not so much here. Hmmm. Wonder what happened? I would love to know how things are working out and certainly help someone who needs advice in a new country where they don't know many people...but the Chanel aspect is a little confusing.
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