bringing designer purses to college(dorms)

  1. hi everyone..i searched the board and couldnt seem to find anything on this in particular... i was just wondering for any of you who live at ur u bring ur nice bags with you? guna be a freshman this fall at a private college and have a cuple speedys and a few gucci bags..i really wanna bring some of them..but i dont kno if it wuld be the smart thing to do? thanks
  2. Will you have a roomate or roomates? You might want to wait to meet them and get to know them before you bring valuables with you. Because with a roomate, other people have access to your room while you are away and if the people your roomate/s bring over are unscrupulous, bad things can happen.

    I would not have brought them to my dorm, but I went to a large public university so maybe I have a skewed view!
  3. I went to a large public university. Most of the girls in my hall carried nylon Prada and Kate Spade bags so I had no problem bringing those with me to college. My roommate my freshman year and I didn't know each other going into it, but I still didn't have any problem having these bags in the dorms.
  4. just bring a few and i do mean few essentials. the speedy is a good one! don't bring to many..if your rooming with someone you might can't trust them. youmight want to invest in a hope chest that you can lock. even still...i wld only bring 3 bags at the most!
  5. I agree... just be careful. I go to a small private school as well. Chances are you'll see other girls carrying designer bags, but I wouldn't bring your whole collection all at once. Just gradually. :yes:
  6. I would bring just one and be really carefull, see how it goes before you bring more.
  7. If you have to share a room, I'd probably just start out with one until you get to know your roommate(s). If it goes well, then I'd bring more.
  8. i brought mine! i also went to a medium sized private university where girls definitely had nice bags, etc. if the roommate is someone you don't trust, i'd send them back, but otherwise they're great to have around. i ended up using my longchamp nylon totes more than anything else, though. i'd be more concerned with those wild crazy nights of drinking you're bound to have freshman year... :p don't spill anything on your lovely bags!!
  9. bring a trunk and lock it up, when it's not in use, if you must have one for each outfit
  10. To be honest, your bookbag is more important than a designer bag. Maybe tuck just one in your suitcase, hidden in it's dustbag and only use it when you are shopping or something.
  11. thanks everyone.. i am gunna have a roomate but i wont kno who she is until a cuple weeks before i ur advice was awsome thanks!
  12. When I went to college and had to live in the dorm freshman year, I took 2 bags. Many of the girls on campus had designer bags, so everything worked out.

    Just be careful not to leave them somewhere.
  13. maybe you should get a nice tote bag to use for school. a speedy isn't really practical because you can't put any books in it.

    it really depends on who your roommate is. if she's trustworthy and won't randomly borrow your stuff, then bring them. if she's not trustworthy... tell her they're fake or something. she probably won't take them then.
  14. I'm an upcoming sophomore in college... I usually bring a huge suitcase with a nasty lock and stuff all my handbags in there. and I have that underneath my bed! It really works!
  15. I agree. You have to check first about your roommate's attitude. If they're some kind of a klepto... Don't bring any valuables.. Or, keep a room for yourself! LOL!