Brief history of LV

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  1. Okay, i just know LV is like top of the line expensive quality, etc. originated from France. who's louis vuitton? just a name? or. i think i read from eluxury that marc jacobs designed some of the styles for LV and some Japanese designers also. please spill the info
  2. He was actually a man, I believe...he had sons as well that carried on the name.

    LOL Experts correct me if I am wrong though!
  3. You can also google him and find out tons of info.
  4. I met his GREAT GREAT GREEEEEAAAAAT Grandson, Benoît Vuitton at the Soho store when he was just an assistant manager there (he was training to learn how to take the reigns one day).

    He was very CUTE - a real "Homme Français Chaud", and we talked alot. He's so humble, given his heritage.

    Of course, when he told me his name, I almost swallowed my tongue and my eyes bulged out! :lol: I was two seconds away from asking him to MARRY ME, :lol:
  5. ^me-OW!!!

    Sounds hot!! :smile:

  6. hehe i would have proposed to him on the spot
  7. OMG!!! Lucky you!! :nuts:
  8. :supacool: !!! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Gosh..lucky..lucky you!!! :roflmfao: :love:
  10. one of the Vuittons is soooo damn cute! i wonder if we are thinking the same one?
  11. yes omg I just did a search and it is Benoit

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    On the Left


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