bracelets - still available?

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  1. hey guys,
    I would like to buy one of these. are they still available in the store?
    can't find them online.

    please help me :smile:
  2. I'm pretty sure they do, you just have to ask SA because they place it in the draws :smile: and I realize they don't post on the site either.. They are pretty! I want one too but not sure which colour is versatile
  3. Yes they're still available! :smile: You have to ask a sales associate because they usually keep them away in drawers, but they're there.
  4. thanks a lot! do you know the price? I can't remember anymore but I think it was ok:P
  5. Hi! I've been obsessed with these bracelets for a year but gave up looking for them because they weren't sold online. One day, I gave it one more shot and started calling up boutiques in California and hit the jack pot!! I just bought two in Cipria and Bluette like 2-3 weeks ago through phone order. I don't have a Miu Miu boutique where I live so I called a boutique that's in Costa Mesa, California and they had some left!! Call their number: 1-714-617-6927 and ask for an SA named Mark~super nice and very helpful!!! Good luck on your find!! BTW, they were $135 a piece!
  6. Where I went it was $135 plus tax
  7. STILL AVAILABLE IN BOUTIQUES OMG...GOTTA CRAB IT QUICK...Does it come in one size or many size cuz i read there is a PM and MM size or something like that. Can you help confirm that? Is this bracelet a classic item?
  8. Mina ;) I think they re 90 Euros :smile:
  9. Yup they're still in the boutiques! I believe it's one size but they're adjustable, they have 3 holes. Not sure if it's classic
  10. Oh ok..thanks..just wondering whether they come in my size because I have a big wrist:smile:
  11. thank you so much lisie;):biggrin:
  12. :d
  13. What's the size of your wrist? Lol I m sure it will fit
  14. Round about 8 inches?