BOX lovers.....need some help here...

  1. So....I should be in bed but instead I'm thinking about Birkins and leather choices. :rolleyes:

    I'm getting myself all confused about which leather to look for in my perfect Birkin. I love Box but I'm thinking it might be too stiff for a 30cm Birkin for everyday use. But I'm gravitating toward it more and more.

    Those of you who have Box Birkins, can you give me some pros and cons of this leather in a Birkin? Especially in the smaller 30cm size? Or does it matter what size?

    And, what other leather you would recommend for someone with a kind of casual lifestyle but who still likes some style and sophistication in her every day life? :shame:

  2. PUHLEEZE! you are a Chevre girl (me too!), and if not, Togo.....!!

    A box Birkin is a divine thing, but I can just picture you're Birkin with a nice hint of spine running down the front!

    D - I think I'm gonna miss your birthday - if I do - HAPPY BIRTHDAY! See you when I get BAck!!
  3. Hey, Baby!!!! Where ya been!!!! We've been missing you!!!! (S'mom waving wildly from California!!)

    I don't know about Togo, K. Really don't. I think it'll be too sqwooshy. And then when i think about Chevre, I know I'll have to wait for like almost forever (and I don't have that long to wait) before I ever see one in a 30cm. So, I'm wanting something that's fairly attainable, you know?
  4. How about Fjord? What colour box? Don't tell!!LOL!!

    Whatcha hoping to get for your birthday? The Birkin?
  5. hope of that since my H store is merchandise challanged. I decided for my birthday I'd haul my 49 year old butt into the city and do some serious shoe shopping at Neimans and then have a little lunch somewhere before taking a little peak inside Hermes. You never just MIGHT be my lucky day and I'll see something other than my own handbag for a change.....:rolleyes:
  6. hi shopmom!! (waving....) u know i have my new choc box birkin!!! it's a 35cm. thought it was too big for me at first (i'm 5'3"). but after using it this past weekend in vegas, I'M LOVING IT!!!! the leather was at first stiff, but it has since softened up quite a bit and is looking and feeling purrrty good right now! aside from croc and ostrich, i think box is the ultimate! it just screams classy.
  7. D., I have the same dilemma as you for my red Birkin (I'm sure you know since I've been pestering you and HG about it!:rolleyes: ) As you know I sent my Thalassa Box Birkin to the spa as soon as I received it, so I don't know how it wears....But I love Box so much, and it does soften with use, so if your not too worried about scratches (which we Box lovers aren't) it could be a good choice...but what color are you thinking of ? Having all my Birkins in soft leathers (except the blue one) I would also like the red one in a less slouchy leather, but I don't know which one: If only I could see Chevre at my store I would get a better idea of it, but they never have it, my SA says people over here prefer slouchy Birkins to more rigid ones , so they don't order any Chevre bags.....But from all the info I've gathered here on tPF, I think that Box and Chevre are almost the only possibilities....
  8. *ahem* What's wrong with black? Black box rules!!!! I say go for box, D!!!! To be frank, I think box Birkins are rarer than chevre in NYC.
  9. shopmom, I don't have a box calf Birkin yet and I hope that will be my next Birkin.

    But I thought to share with you what I have found out today. My SA highly recommends Brique Vache Liegee. Of all the colours of the vache liegee leather, the 2 tone contrast in Brique is the most obvious, and it is absolutely stunning. I suspect that my local H store will be bringing several bags in this colour/leather, and they are getting their regular customers warmed up to it. (just a hunch). Vache Liegee, however is more expensive than Box Calf.
  10. A friend let me carry her well broken in 30 cm box Birkin for a few days to see if I would like the 30 cm size. This Box Birkin was REALLY broken in and looked great. It held its shape without looking too stiff. I loved how it was so light and not awkward on my arm compared to a heavy 35 cm.
    I have a 35 Box Birkin that is far, far from being broken in. You have to carry the thing every day and stop worrying about scratches. If fact, you have to welcome scratches. Box is definitely the heirloom leather.
  11. Shopmom thank you for this thread because I am thinking the same purchase as you right now...this is great talk for me to be involved in. I am thinking box or chevre for myself in a 30 or 32 HAC. Keep the talk coming and when I get a few minutes at work I will add my thoughts.
  12. Hi Shopmom! I have a 30cm box Birkin (black with white stitching) and amongst the softer leathers, it does not look casual but rather smart. In fact, I think it stands stiffer than 35cm because of it's size. Don't worry too much about scratches as the leather actually seems quite resilient. To break it in... boy will take quite a while, I have had mine for 6-7 years and it looks pretty new. But I agree with Gloconda that when it is roughed up in time... it can look fab!

    What other choice of leather do you have? Apart from the above mentioned skins... you have the calf grained leather (that looks like courcheval from the past)... and there is also one called Chamonix, which looks like box but matt, it only comes in Hermes Rouge and natural I believe.

    For sure box looks pretty classy compared to the other softer birkins...
  13. Here is my black 30cm bikin for your reference... looks pretty new right?
  14. Barbs your bag is so nice ,i would love to get a box something shopmom i can see you with this bag...:yes:
  15. D, I know you're a box fan, but have you thought about Vache Liagee? It is unbelievably light and rich and might be more attainable since it's a newer skin.