Boutique return to outlet?

  1. If I bought something at the boutique but can not find the receipt can I return it at the OUTLET? WILL they give me FULL price that I paid?? Or lowest ticket? Will they know I bought it at the boutique and not the outlet? TIA
  2. Outlet price, in a merchandise credit. Sometimes outlet price x 20% off is what they give ya. I don't know how it works.
    Maybe an SA can chime in. Yes, sucks. Is the item new? Return it to the boutique and you should get full credit.
  3. I'm not an SA, but if the item is new from retail, return it to a retail boutique for full price. Otherwise, if you return it to the outlet you'll get the outlet price, that will probably be reduced by 20%.
  4. ditto what they said. I took a return w/o receipt and they wanted to give me over $50 less than I paid.. took it to the boutique, w/o receipt, and was given merchandise credit for full amount, no hassle at all!
  5. double ditto, I tried to return a bag at the outlet that I had ordered through a boutique, I didn't have a receipt but I had the shipping invoice, they said since the invoice did not list a price, they could only give me the lowest price, whice was $80.00 less than I paid so I ended up shipping it back to coach.
  6. Thanks so much ladies. I am going to return it to the boutique today and just hold on to the credit and use it at the outlets!!! LOL....
  7. Can you return a newly bought item to the outlet if it was purchased at the boutique? I'm going to the outlet tomorrow and just received a wallet in the mail today that I don't like but I thought instead of making an extra trip I could do it all in one place?
  8. These ladies are spot on, the computer shows full/factory price and since you'll be in the factory store you would get their price.

    cbetht- You can return a new thing if you have receipt, otherwise you'd get the factory price.
  9. is there a time limit for returns? what about if you have the receipt for a new with tags, unused bag that was purchased 6 months ago at a boutique (again, sitting in the closet and never used). will coach allow an exchange or merchandise credit?
  10. Just to let you all know, Coach's return policy seems to be pretty flexible in terms of time limit - I think up to a year (!). I checked with my local store and as long as you have the receipt you can exchange, return or do merchandise credit - as long as the item is new and unused. Of course, Coach reserves the right to modify its policy at any time, so check with the store beforehand.
  11. Check out this link, it explains their return policy (no time limit).
  12. The have no time limit at all on returns that are new and unused. Just keep that tag on it and you could return it 2 years from now with no problem.
  13. So, I went to the new coach store in Concord, NH and I bought a new bag (Hampton's Signature Large Flap) but after having it for a few days (it's not used, still has tags and a receipt) I've decided to opt for something else.

    Problem is.....I only leave close to an outlet (Manchester, VT). Does anyone know if I can return it to an outlet? Any SAs out there? Thanks so much!
  14. Provided that you have the receipt and tags, you should be able to.
  15. its not a boutique...its a store.