Bought my very first Balenciaga!!

  1. So many temptations on this forum... but so little time... I finally took the plunge and won my first B-bag moto from ebay! I'm following Cristina's footsteps! :lol:

    Here are the photos the seller provided for me:



    I actually missed out on this bordeaux from Aloha Rag but not anymore... I love wine red!! :love: I'll post more photos when I receive the bag.
  2. :love: :love: :love: :lol:
  3. Very cute! Congrats!!
  4. The bag is gorgeous! I love the colour too! :love: . Congrats Irrisy! Please post pics when you receive the bag!.
  5. YAY Irissy! I am so happy for you! I hope you receive it soon, I can't wait to see more pictures :love: :nuts:
  6. Y'all are making me want to :cry: . I've wanted a b-bag for the longest time, and I just can't afford it. YOu all keep making me want to be impulsive, but I just don't have the money.

    Stupid tuition fees!

    Seriously tho', major congrats to Irissy and Cristina - if I can't have one, I'm glad at least someone can. Enjoy your bags for me girls (esp. Cris - that shade of green is my dream - see avi).
  7. Love it love it! Great choice of color ;)
  8. Oh how I love red! It's gorgeous!
  9. Don't worry, once you graduate you'll be making the big bucks! Then you can buy all the bags you ever wanted. ;)
  10. Thanks everyone!! I loveee red too... :shame: Can't wait...

    And Cristina, I noticed you changed your title. :amuse:
  11. pretty color
  12. Beautiful color!!!! Congratulations!
  13. It is such a great color - great find.

    Hope you get a tracking number soon. :biggrin:
  14. Thanks Loganz for reminding me. I already asked the seller if she'll provide me insurance or at least delivery confirmation or something that I can track.
  15. beautiful bag, congratulations!!