Bottega Veneta Marie Bag

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  1. Another shot of the python skin Bottega Veneta Marie bag.

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  2. It just doesn’t look BV at all. I think it’s just ok. I’m sure it smells and feels wonderful though.
  3. Yes agree, it looks like Celine and Victoria Beckham brand mixed together.
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  4. ITA. I would have guessed Celine.
  5. Some shots of the BV Marie Padded Bag in Plaster White.

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  6. A hard no on this one, and those shoes...:shocked:
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  7. Why are people paying thousands of dollars to buy these bags and selling them so quickly? :amazed: Or is it influencers selling their free gifted bags?
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  8. The shoes are terrible! I have seen them on the store :sad:
  9. My mind boggles that these women think this looks good. Seriously.
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  10. #41 Oct 12, 2019
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    I personally think most RTW items from designers are tacky. Those shoes do no favors for the outfit. The outfit is fine in this case but I’m willing to bet it costs a fortune.
  11. I dislike it, for me it does not seem like BV at all - if anything it has celine vibes (and not in a good way).

    While I understand that evolution of a brand and appealing to younger audience is a key for it's survival, I don't think doing a compete 180 in style is a particulary smart idea. Most of the old and loyal costumers seem unhappy with new BV.
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  12. Bottega Veneta Marie Padded bag in brown

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  13. I might be the only entirely opposite opinion. I tried the black and the mustard ones in the store. I actually really liked the Marie for functionality. It was spacious enough. I loved that it was all leather lined. It felt really luxurious inside, but was not heavy. I loved all the pockets for organization. It easily fits an ipad and a notebook. I loved the handle drop - ergonomically that's the best length for if you're carrying stuff around in your bag. This is also a bag I'd feel great taking to work - its not fussy at all, doesn't have any perceptible designer signage. It looks luxurious and you feel great taking it, but doesn't draw attention. I'd take it along with a laptop backpack.

    In terms of color, I loved the look of the mustard, but black felt much better in terms of versatility.
  14. Really interested in the black Marie. The leather seems really nice in person tbh. The padded one is growing on me, I'd wear it if someone gave it to me for free haha.