Bottega Veneta Marie Bag

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  1. very NOT BV
    very NOT me
    very sad :sad:
  2. I like the smooth over the suede or padded one. I don’t like the hardware though.
  3. Reminds me of the kind of bags I didn't like in the '90s ( Gucci included). What I do like is it makes me like the BVs I have so much more.
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    It’s a nice enough bag. Clean, understated. It’s just not the BV I’ve known. There’s a stuffiness to it that BV bags tended not to have.

    And for those that might take offense to the term ‘stuffiness.’ I do apologize. I get and appreciate the aesthetic—it’s just doesn’t exemplify what I thought the brand is about (IMO). In fact, if someone said that’s a new Hermès design, I’d totally get it. In fact, it does seem to align to a more Hermès style and Hermès does structured bags really well.
  5. Gosh, I laughed at this! :lol:

    For me... it's gonna be a hard pass.
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  6. Big no for me. Bleck!
  7. If anyone is interested, there’s already one in Bordeaux Nappa on eBay. $2950 USD. A savings of $800 from the boutique/website price. :flowers:
  8. I think if the young, glam, model-proportioned peeps pictured here are struggling to make it look good - there isn’t much hope for the rest of us :biggrin:
    And I have a particular dislike for this new chocolate bar padding thing he’s doing to the bags :yucky:
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  9. I Agee with the above statement.
  10. I like the smooth version....and i think its a nice, stylish looking bag from the front...but side view not so much, looks kind of bulky i think....I am new to BV, and it definitely does not look like what one envisions a BV bag to be...
  11. i may have said this in every thread, but...

    if it is not for the title of this thread, i would not have guessed i am in BV forum

    that aside, the green suede is pretty, but i am not liking it enough to buy it
  12. Thanks for posting the photos.

    I think I’d have a hard time carrying it on the shoulder, because of the size and structure. It looks uncomfortable, like it would be difficult to hold the big and flat-yet-boxy facade up high on the torso. It looks a little better if the strap is lengthened, but then it’s just too big, or something. I wouldn’t hand-carry it, either, because then it looks like a shoulder bag being hand-carried.

    I’m trying to keep an open mind, but this design just doesn’t appeal to me at all. I have a few structured everyday bags in my collection (non-BV), but I don’t think this is for me.

    I can’t get past the gold hardware, either. Part of why I like my older BVs is the lack of noticeable hardware.
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  13. I find it depressing. Not the BV I know and love AT ALL. The padded version looks like a candy bar, or a package of ice cube trays for the freezer. Give me a comfy intrecciato Veneta any day over that thing.
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  14. Photos of the BV Marie bag from the official Bottega Veneta Instagram page.

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  15. The Bottega Veneta Marie bag in green suede, smooth black and python snakeskin.

    Photos from Luisaviaroma

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