Botkier Bianca

  1. Does anyone know where I can find a medium Botkier Bianca on sale? I have to:drool: have one!!
  2. I don't know of any for sale, but if you are a first time customer at revolve clothing you can get a 30% discount. If not that, you can go to the Grechen's closet website and there is a list of online store discount codes and you can get the Bianca for cheaper! Good luck and post pics when you get it!
  3. Thank you, I am doing that as I type!!
  4. I just thought of something: the botkier website had a Bianca in cream for sale! I don't remember the size of it, but I would check that too see if it is still available.
  5. Oops, I meant "on" sale!
  6. What color are you looking for? has two on sale. There are codes for other websites for a % off.
  7. I would love a tan/creamy color, more on the tanish side, but I don't really know what colors they come in and I am also looking for it in medium size.
  8. You might want to double check about that with the Revolve Clothing coupon - I was told that Botkier is not included as a part of any coupons...

    But - you gotta get the Bianca - I have one in denim and I love it!
  9. Is your denim large or medium? Is it a satchel or a clutch?
  10. has this one. They are having a friends and family 20% off sale right now.
  11. This is my Botkier Bianca - Its a medium satchel - as they only had denim available for the Medium Bianca and the Bella Clutch - I think...

    My goodness - the great lengths I went through for this bag...

  12. Oh my goodness tenmosquito, where did you find your bag?? That color is absolutely gorgeous!!, that is the size I want. I have not seen that color anywhere, I have been looking for a navy bag for the absolute longest. I would definitely purchase that color. In the Bianca. Please tell me where you found it.
  13. I just saw the denim one on sale somewhere. I even remember the price, it was $160 off. But I have googled high and low and can't find the website. I'll check my bookmarks when I get home, and maybe I'll remember which site.
  14. This one was a large size when I checked yesterday. The Bianca is a great bag if you don't mind the flap. I love the leather and lining for the money.

    tenmosquito - I also have a medium Bianca in Denim. I got the last one at ANY Nordstrom. I also had the clutch but sold it when I finally tracked down the medium Bianca.
  15. Active Endeavors has some...

    They have a code "sorry25" for 25% off - I just used it last week to get another Kooba (the red Elisha - I love it!) Not sure if it still works but it's worth a try! If not, there are 20% off codes so you can still get it with a discount.