Botkier Bianca in Cherry - anywhere with a code?

  1. I stupidly didn't get it during the Shopbop code, anywhere else besides NM or BG???
  2. Which size were you looking for b/c my code knowledge is limited that way. :smile:

    Bella, medium, or large?

    On a sidenote, LOVE that color too!
  3. I too like the cherry, but I'm curious to learn more about this bag. Some people have mentioned that the zipper/strap combo is really irritating. Also - I do like big bags (I own bags like the Kooba Carla, the Belen Echandia Take Me Anywhere and the Kale Tate), but this being a medium - is it large enough for me? I'm also worried that the strap won't sit comfortably on my shoulder. Or does the handles fall off as is usually the case when you're dealing with double straps. Can anyone comment? TIA! :flowers:
  4. Active Endeavors has the Bella in cherry. I think there a couple of discount codes floating around, but I don't know if they're still good. "Toutie" or "grechen" might still work for 20% or 25% off. Might want to scroll through the Deals & Steals forum to see if there are any.
  5. I ordered the bag in chocolate and it is supposed to come tomorrow. I can let you know my opinion then. :yes: I too have read the same thing, but I have a couple of other bags that I find "annoying", but I love the look of the bag in general so I usually call it a trade off. LOL
  6. Bella Cherry on Active Endeavors: "sorry25" or "apologies" should give you 25% off; if those don't work, "grechen" will get you 20% off

    Medium Cherry on Rapunzel's Closet: 15% off with "grechen"

    If I remember or learn of more, I will repost!

  7. The lock and strap combo is a bit inconvenient when you're scrambling to get something really quick, but otherwise it's a nuisance that I can live with since I LOVE this bag. Plus, there are lots of pockets, so I just place the essentials in the outside pockets :p.

    I tried on the medium size at Nordstrom but it was a bit too big for me since I'm really tiny, but the strap fit nicely and didn't fall off or anything like that. I have the small bianca in pearlized cognac and really want the cherry!!

    Right now you can get the medium cherry for 30% off at Karizma Boutique. Use code toutie30% for 30% off -- but hurry, it's only valid until July 10th!

    Botkier bags @ Karizma Boutique

    Medium cherry Bianca; regularly $595, $416.50 after discount!
  8. Wow, that's great information Lithium. And great codes too! Thanks for sharing that with us! :tup:
  9. I know..good sleuthing! At least, the place I ordered from will give me the price difference. It works out to only be about $15/16 different because they provide free shipping, but hey that's a drink or two right? :happydance:

    Do you think the merchant will give me the 30% price match off the actual product or just the price difference in what my total would have been at Karizma vs. them? Basically, I spent $446 at ADASA, but no tax and free shipping and free returns. Karizma, worked out to be about $415 or so, but they charge shipping, so the total was around $430. I hope that clarifies my question.
  10. Who all has the Cherry in stock? I have seen the Cherry IRL and its amazing!
  11. Your best bet seems to be the Karizma store. They have it in medium, but I'm not sure what size you were thinking about. The code that lithium provided works out to be the cheapest!

    Active Endeavors has it, but only the bella is showing up online. Blue Bee has it too I think, but they don't have any codes. Saks has it, but no codes and no free shipping. LOL
  12. You guys are both welcome. I hope someone takes part in the deal and posts lots of photos of their new Bianca Cherry to make me jealous (I'm on an official purse ban :p).

    As for ADASA's price match guarantee, their customer service section isn't too specific but it seems like they would price match the total order price and not the item's discounted price. Then again, like I said, it's not too specific, so they may surprise us and credit you the bigger difference. Even if they don't, $15 is worth the effort, in my opinion, since that's matinee movie tickets, about a week's worth of lattes, eyeliner, lotion, 5-8 panties at Victoria's Secret's semi-annual sale...and on and on and on. :yes:
  13. Exactly! I would be happier with $30 obviously, but I will take the $15 too. hehe

    Regardless, I have been impressed with their customer service so far and I haven't even received the merchandise. I placed the order July 4th evening and it went out on immediately on Thursday. It would have been here on Saturday, but UPS doesn't do Saturday delivery unless you pay extra. I get it tomorrow though. :smile:

  14. Let us know what it's like when you get it and post modeling pics if you can! I'd like to get a second opinion on that shoulder strap too. :yes:
  15. Hmphf. Well I was just looking at Botkiers on the Active Endeavors website and I noticed it said "Discount codes do not apply to Botkier" in red at the bottom of the page. Uh...since when? That is really crappy. :tdown:
    Guess Karizma is the way to go!