Boss carries a fake.

  1. I know I don't post in here too much as LV has been stealing most of my attention lately. But, yesterday was so traumatizing that I just have to vent about it.

    I am currently transitioning into a new position at work to cover for someone while they go on maternity leave. My new boss seems like a great person BUT she carries a super fake Coach. Yesterday I had an extensive meeting with her and the girl I will be covering for. We were in a conference room and had both our bags on the table. My legitimate brown Signature Gallery Tote and her.... black monstrosity. Sadly, I had difficulty concentrating and found myself comparing the two bags side by side. The most notable issue on hers was the cut of the suede on the corners and the way the leather trim was on top. :tdown:

    It just broke my heart to see how closely they resembled each other. :sad: The average non purse adoring person would probably not even notice a difference.
  2. oh god i hate fakes that would have distracted me too
  3. Try not to let it bother you so much as this person is a boss. That said, I really don't understand fake Coaches. You can usually find a good price on a Coach and to save a few bucks for something cheaply made seems goofy to me. I mean go to the outlet and get a great deal on something well made you know? But I guess people will keep buying them as long as they are available. Congrats on your good tastes and good luck with the job.
  4. I would've been distracted also.
    Maybe she doesn't know it's a fake?
    Considering she's the boss, concentrate on her not the bag.
  5. Unfortunately, she knows it's a fake. My co-worker was with her when she bought it. She literally was taken behind a curtain to look at the counterfit items this woman was selling. I explained to my coworker (which happens to be the girl I will be filling in for) that it is because that is illegal.

    Thankfully my coworker didn't buy any at the time. She knows how I feel about fakes and said she heard my voice in the back of her mind. :p I guess that's good that I stopped atleast one person from doing something like that.
  6. eeek!

    how distracting! it's kinda funny when you think about it though... your own boss carrying a fake and you have the real thing...

    I would have a VERY hard time not saying something... even just asking her where she got it....

  7. ^^^ I was tempted to ask her about it just to see if she was going to try and pass it off as the real thing. :lol: But, I figured I really want the job and pissing her off wouldn't give me the best job security. hehe
  8. ^^ THAT would have been funny ^^

    but, i'm glad you were an adult about it ;)
  9. I would FORGET about it and not even eyeball her bags. If she catches you with a disapproving look on your face, she may get PO'd. I understand how you feel but some people who purposely buy fakes catch real nasty attitudes when people who buy real bags notice the difference. :yes:
  10. ^^ I was certainly trying to cause I didn't want to start a conversation about it. Luckily, the bags we were positioned behind the laptop we were training on so that I tried to make it look like I was staring at the computer screen as opposed to comparing the bags.
  11. My boss only carries fakes also :tdown:
  12. ^^ It surprises me that people in higher positions that obviously make decent money feel the need to purchase fake bags.
  13. I totally agree with this, just leave it alone esp since shes your boss
  14. Oh that was a smart thing to do for sure! Congrats and ur boss sucks!
  15. That is too funny...and sad. I would be so embarrassed if I were her. I wouldn't make a big deal out of it though just because she is your boss. Anyone else I'd probably say something.