Boss carries a fake.


Nov 28, 2006
Walking distance to Rodeo Drive
Actually my boss and I have talked many times about Real Vs. Fake. No matter what I say she still rather carry a gross fake. She thinks because she drives a brand new Mercedes R350 and wears a very large real diamond wedding ring and will eat dinner at a place that cost her over $200 per couple that people assume it is real.

What I don't understand she pays a lot of money for these fake bags and they fall apart immediately. I keep trying to convince her to spend a little more for something that will last many years if not forever. But she insists that she rather buy fakes. She is proud of them. I have gone into the whole sweat shop, illegal issues and her comment is at least they have some work it is better than no work.

She bought a fake LV rabbit fur purse (which is wrong on so many levels) She paid over $500 for this thing. And within 2 months it was unusable. And she was like but if I bought the real one it is over $1000.

I rather buy what I can afford as long as it is real. I just recently got into buying LV and Gucci. I would love to get some Chanel and Hermes but right now I can't afford it so I am sticking to want I can afford.


Apr 18, 2007
"Accidentally" spill white-out or coffee or something on it and then offer to take her shopping for a new one. :nuts:


Can I bathe in them?
Mar 31, 2007
Maybe you could give her a real Coach for Bosses' Day and make a good impression! Hey, if you get a raise/promotion/bonus out of it then it pays off! I am lucky the girls I work with loooove Coach and buy only the real deal! We share our purse purchases and they come see what I have that's new...the only bad thing is I cannot hide the amount of money I spend or have spent because they know how much they cost and when the bags came out. I always have to make up excuses, "Ï had a gift card," ""It was a gift," "I exchanged one of my other bags," "Got it on Ebay," "Sold an old one on Ebay to get the money..."


I Love You Mommy
Oct 16, 2006
^^ I was certainly trying to cause I didn't want to start a conversation about it. Luckily, the bags we were positioned behind the laptop we were training on so that I tried to make it look like I was staring at the computer screen as opposed to comparing the bags.
:roflmfao: That's something I would do. Stare at the bags and pretend I was looking at the screen. My boss use to carry a fake and once she seen all of mine she began getting the real deal. I think she has 5 bags now, all thanks to me.


Oct 18, 2006
Surf City USA
One of my bossess ALWAYS carries fakes and she runs over to my cubicle to show me the "deal" she got.
She just got back from Vietnamn with a bunch of fugly fakes and asked me if I wanted to buy one.....uh, no thanks.


Mar 9, 2006
Charlottesville, VA
My boss carries fakes too. She went to China a few years ago and came back with fake everything-shoes, bags, coats-everything! From all different designers. She bragged and bragged and bragged how much money she saved.

It kills me, but what can you do (besides laugh behind her back!)?