Bony Levy Skinny Bangle

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  1. I know, when I received it I was like nooo! It’s overlapping my Love and I don’t want my Love scratched up. I literally got it resized that same day I received it in the mail. Thank God for Fast Fix. Now it’s perfect!

    Good Luck!
  2. Love this look...classic yet bit edgy!
    I have posted this before...for those of you that like to stack, why not try a few diamond eternity bangles? They are totally round so I wouldn't stack them with a Love/JUC. Since it is a slip-on you never need to worry about the bangle all the way around. They come in different sizes. Mine are 2 tcw each, G/SI1...2 YG, 2 WG. I have worn mine for 10 years without a problem, everyday.
    diamond bangles.jpg
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  3. Hi everyone! I have a really silly question. I received my bony levy skinny diamond bangle in the mail today. It’s sooo pretty BUT I can’t figure out how to open it! I opened the safety clip thing but can’t figure out how to open the hinge to put the bracelet on. I assume it has something to do with the little ball knob but it doesn’t seem to budge no matter which way I push it any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  4. Once the little latch is unhooked you have to pull apart the two sides along that seam pretty hard. I had issues opening mine too and was afraid I was going to bend it. It got easier to open after the initial time though.
  5. Oh I got it! Thank u!!
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