Bony Levy Skinny Bangle

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  1. Does anybody have a modeling pic of Bony Levy's skinny bangle? I'm thinking of getting one during the anniversary sale. TIA.
  2. Do you know how much it is? Thanks.
  3. It's $13xx, $900 last year!!!
  4. i bought and returned a couple of years ago during the anniversary sale (yes, they were around $990 each). they are really pretty and the diamonds sparkle but for some reason they seemed kinda "flimsy" and i was worried how long they would last since i'm not the most careful person.
  5. Bump!
  6. They are very skinny, and they diamonds are only on the top half of the bracelet and don't go all the way around. And yes, they are much more than they were during the last couple of years at the Anniversary Sale.
  7. Here's a photo of the Bony Levy Skinny Bangles. I could not capture the actual sparkle factor they give off with a photo. They are 2 yellow gold, 1 rose gold and 1 white gold. I know some were concerned about how delicate they are/look. I purchased 2 from Nordstrom's sale last year and have worn them basically everyday since then. They did not bend or loose their shape. The only problem I had was that 1 of the stones fell out, I took it back to Nordstroms and they took care of it for charge!

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  8. Thank you for posting! I've been thinking about these. They look lovely on you!
  9. Very pretty, and I think they sparkle a lot in the pic. They must be dazzlers in real-life!
  10. I tried on these last year and loved them. I wish I had bought one. Looks great on you.
  11. Love Love Love these!
  12. WOW!!! Love them!!
  13. Hi everyone! I've been eyeing the Bony Levy skinny bangles at Nordstrom for the past couple of years and think I may take the plunge since they will be on the Anniversary sale next month. Anyone own these bracelets that could post a mod shot? Also, can you speak to the durability, quality etc? I've read some good reviews on the Nordstrom website but thought I'd check in with my TPF gals…. TIA
  14. I have five of them and they are great for layering. You can see a few pics in my collection thread. I hope to add a green, rose gold and purple one eventually. I've attached a pic of the blue sapphire with the white diamond and yellow diamond.

    Nordstrom will also get the right size for you if they don't have it in store. I've been quite pleased with the durability. I believe that Bony Levy will replace any missing stones. But I haven't had to do any service on any bracelets after owning them for about two years.

    Which one are you planning to get? Anniv sale is the best time to get a diamond one and there are other sales and trunk shows where some colors are discounted.

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  15. Thanks so much for your response! I love these on you. If I get them, I will probably get two diamond ones set in white gold. Although maybe one white gold and one yellow- not sure yet :smile: Decisions, decisions. I'm a bit on the fence about them or to get a traditional tennis bracelet instead- a lot more money going this route….
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