Bony Levy Skinny Bangle

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  1. I so want 2 of these but can't bear to ask my DH right special occasion to justify them, plus I wanted the bigger ones! [emoji22] Loving seeing these posts!
  2. I agree. Due to the skinny width of these bangles, I think they look best stacked with two or more bangles. One is still cute but not much presence. Kwim.
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    I am wearing them during the day, every day, and although it's only been two weeks they have been pretty solid.

    I'm also counting on Bony Levy or Nordstrom fixing them for free if there are any issues. :smile:

    I really like yours stacked with the VCA!
  4. Thanks JJMMxx. Glad to hear the BL bangle is holding up. If Nordstrom did not provide after care for the bangle, I probably would not have purchased it, due to the skinny width of the bangle. However, the sparkles from these extremely small diamonds are really eye catching. I am so tempted to get another before the sale ends. Hmmm...
  5. I tried them on again today ( yellow and white) but they were sliding over my Cartier love and I was too nervous about them scratching it. I really want to stack them so I passed again this year. I so wanted them to work- disappointed.

  6. So sorry to hear that they didn't work with your love. It would be very pretty stacked. I am thinking of getting either a love or perlee. And I,too, would like to possibly stack the BL bangle with whichever I get it. I am curious. What size is your love and what size BL bangle did you try?

    I think my BL is 6.5 but the SA said I could have gone down to a size 6. I didn't even try it on, but maybe I should have. Hmmm...
  7. Yes, totally depends on the size Blumster. A 7 would slide right over my love, but the 6 was perfect! Here's another I tried, but if i wanted it, I'd need to special order it smaller...
  8. Gorgeous stack! I adore the VCA + Cartier combo! [emoji7][emoji7] What size is your Love? I am still debating Perlee or Love... Such a difficult decision. The BL looks great and would work with both. Did you get the BL bangle?

  9. Gorgeous stack! I adore the VCA + Cartier combo! [emoji7][emoji7] What size is your Love? I am still debating Perlee or Love... Such a difficult decision. The BL looks great and would work with both. Did you get the BL bangle?
  10. I went back and tried the size 6.5 with my size 18 love- it was perfect. You were right everyone! I still haven't been able to pull the trigger. I may buy one this year- so indecisive!
  11. Been reading every ones posts! I quickly tried on a skinny bangle next to my two WG loves and WG JUC that I wear 24/7 but it just looked lost. I should have tried two just to see if that would have been better. So it looked like a set rather than an after thought, KWIM. I may try to do that before the sale ends.
  12. Glad you tried another size and found a fit. Good luck on your decision [emoji3]

    If you wear the two loves and JUC stacked together, it may not provide the presence compared to your Cartier pieces as you saw. The BL is delicate on its own but very sparkly. It's really a stacking piece IMHO. I wonder how many you need to stack before it would give the presence needed against the cartier pieces...hmm. If you have time to post a pic when you try them again, I'd love to know.
  13. Beautiful bracelet, IMO, but with my existing pieces I would need 3 to make it work and not have the piece be lost. But with the price, even the anniversary price, I'd rather put my $ to another line. But that's only because of my existing bracelets. Otherwise very sparkly!!
  14. Thanks for info. The need to stack three just to be visible with your beautiful cartier pieces doesn't seem like the best choice if you want them to stack with your existing pieces. I agree the sum of three ($$) could be allocated toward something else with more of a presence (e.g. VCA). The bracelets are indeed very sparkly considering the size of those stones.
  15. 4B3E2CC3-EA6C-4E90-82EE-C2A0DF02FFA1.jpeg I got this bangle during this year’s NAS. Does anyone wear it 24-7 without taking it off? Is it durable enough for that? I find it difficult to take on and off and worry about bending it.
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