Bony Levy Skinny Bangle

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  1. 20180731_174953.jpg 20180731_175226.jpg Does this seem too big? I can't tell if I'm just not used to having something more loose on my wrist, since generally I only wear a Fitbit, or if it's really too big.
  2. Looks big. Is it oval or round?
  3. It's oval. This is the smallest size they offer. I asked Nordstrom customer service if you could order special sizes during the anniversary sale and they said no. Someone in another thread mentioned that they could specifical order a ring size, so maybe I'll try my local Nordstrom.
  4. I use to be in love with this bony Levy bangle but my gut was telling me it’s just to expensive for a .50 carat. I ended up finding this on 1.50 carats F/G VS it has more sparkle than the Bony Levi bangle. (it sparkles like a firecracker in person) This bangle is also oval shape comes in 14 kt WG and rose gold.

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  5. That is really pretty. Is that the shared prong bangle? I've shopped with them before and they were great, plus I know they'd do custom sizing .
  6. Yes it is! I love it! I got it custom made to match my Love bracelet.
  7. What size is your love bracelet? I'm eventually wanting to add one as well and I want them to be close in size so they don't overlap.
  8. Your diamond bangle is so pretty!! [emoji7]
    Can you please share what’s the size of your Love and the diamond bangle? My Love is 17 and it would stack nicely with BL 6” bangle. But, I am not convinced yet with the price of $16xx at the Anniversary Sale this year. Decision decision.
  9. My love bracelet is a 16, they only sell one size and it was really loose on me. So I paid extra to make one smaller. The prices are amazing compared to the BL bangle. Such a rip off for only .50 carats.
  10. What is your wrist size, and what size did you get in the bangle? Sorry for so many questions, but I'm seriously considering returning the bony levy and getting the whiteflash one.
  11. My Love is a 16. I had it customized to be flush with it. I got it from They have a store front in Houston, Tx. Since I’m only 4 hrs away I drove up there to look at it, and it was way to loose. So, they measured my Love and made me one.
    You can order one and have it shipped to your house, if it’s to big you can send it back. They have amazing customer service. The diamonds sparkle like crazy! Bony Levy is a rip off. Can’t believe it’s $16xx for a .50 carat
  12. My wrist size is 14.5
    There in house bangle was to loose, so they had to make one for me. It took about 6 weeks from beginning to end. If you live far from the store front you should order on line, if it ends up being to loose they let you return it. Can’t loose. Trust me, I tried on that BL n loved it. But, that price tag for the half a carat is sooo not worth it. So, I began looking for a similar one every where. Finally found it on Whiteflash. White flashes diamonds are way shinier.
  13. My wrist is around the same size as yours, so this is perfect. I'm far from their store, but I'll contact them about sizing. Thanks so much for all of your replies. You have me convinced to go with WF. I love the bony levy, but I'd rather pay a little more for higher quality, larger stones, and a better size for me.
  14. Your welcome!
    I forgot she measured my JUC not Love. But when she measured it (Michelle) she measured it from the outside. So when I got it, it was overlapping my Love bracelet. I took it to Fast Fix and the guy told me she should of measured it from the INSIDE. He made it smaller for me n only took an hour and a half. So, Michelle’s sizing she has on file for me is a little loose still for a 16.
  15. Good to know. I actually might just wait until I get a love bracelet and see if I can just send it to them to measure. I'm very particular about the way things fit. I'll remember to tell them to measure from the inside. Thanks again I really appreciate your responses.
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