Bolide 31 cm or lindy 30 cm???

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  1. Pls help which is better.

    I like everything about the lindy except the fact if it's practical to carry everyday having to constantly get things in and out very fast in a snap while standing and how it can maintain a beautiful shape at anytime. And it can't be sling bag,

    I love the bolide but it might not be that cool or like not having that much Hermes spirit. It's very practical and I can wear it crossbody. Can dress it up or down. But as a Hermes, it does not stand out in a crowd because it might look to plain. But it's perfect for everyday use.

    My question is basically need or want. Or practicality vs. looks

    Pls help tenchu!!!
  2. The bolide is so classy. It predates both the kelly and birkin, so it is definitely H -- no doubt about it. The lindy, while some folks love it, I find it bulky (the base). I've never understood the design. I suppose I like clean sleek lines always have in all things from cars, furniture, but we all have our likes and dislikes. Tis best to try each style on and see what you prefer when you gaze into a mirror.

    For under the radar purses by H, the massai fits that descriptor; it's an unsung hero in my book. But between lindy and bolide, bolide gets my vote.
  3. I think it also depends on your overal style I have to say. For me, as I wear classic stuff, carrying a Bolide would certainly feel too plain. My 30cm Lindy fits everything I need and I leave the zips open if in a rush - I just carry her with the opening against me rather than facing out. Her small pockets at each end are super practical whereas I'm opening the entire bag with the Bolide - I use my Kelly as a cross body so it's not an issue for me in that respect.

    I keep my Lindy gently stuffed when not in use and that seems to be enough to maintain her lovely shape. When I'm out and about and when I used her as my travel handbag on long haul, there was no problen at all with maintaining her shape all the time.
  4. I have a thing about Bolide. I think it's elegant, classic, under the radar yet those who knows H will appreciate it, functional, secure with the top zipper, comfortable to carry, and so on.
    Lindy has more casual design in my eyes. Although perhaps it is slightly easier to access it if you leave the zippers open, but it will caused concern for me that things might fall out or inviting pickpockets. One biggest thing I don't like about Lindy is the boxy shape, it feels uncomfortable and unnatural when it's being carried both by long strap and handheld. The most comfortable way to carry it is to push it back behind me with the long strap, if that makes sense. But this also worries me again for the pickpockets or not seeing if things are falling out.
    Bolide doesn't have that issue which is important for me. I cannot always worry on moving my bags around the whole time when I'm carrying it.
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  5. I would prefer Lindy over bolide!! It's way more fun!

    Bolide is classic, but I find it kind of dull unless it's in a really bright color like red, or vert anis, etc...
  6. The Bolide is an Hermes classic. You may be feel that it is not because it has a zipper instead. I have both and it is easy to access things from both. Each is easy to carry and use on a daily basis. It really boils down to personal taste. Which makes your heart sing?
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    i agree with jmen about the bulky lindy base. arm carried, it just juts out awkwardly at my hip and i have very narrow hips (32.5 inches) so i never carried it on the arm. it bangs against my knee and calf when i hand carry so once in a while i trip over it so i stopped hand carrying it either. it is only absolutely fabulous on the shoulder. for a bag which boasts handles ( for hand carry/arm carry and) and shoulder carry, i can only happily and practically utilise just one carry option, i don't feel it is worth the money.

    also agree with fansynancy, it all boils down to personal taste but i find the bolide a lot more ergonomical than the lindy. the bolide is a dream arm carried, hand carried and of course on the shoulder although the wide strap of the lindy trumps the bolide in this case. the bolide also fits very nicely under the seat on airplanes, the lindy i sort of have to squish it because of the double handles.

    i cannot comment on the lindy 26 though, it might be a lot less bulkier than the 30 but i'm not sure since i've not owned the 26 before, only the 30 (which i sold, both). however if you really prefer the look of the lindy over the bolide, i am sure you will happily overlook it's 'cons'

    got to add the 30 lindy cannot fit in an ipad nicely, only the 34.
  8. I am struggling with the same question. My SA has a 31 black Bolide waiting for me to view Monday. I love the classic elegant look. Sleek, ladylike... but I also question whether or not it will be too boring. I am not sure if the money would be better spent on a lindy in a bright fun color... maybe even another kelly. For me, I will go play in the store Monday and hopefully the choice will become clearer... Good luck with your decision! Please let me know what u decide!
  9. i choose practicality over looks. i travel a lot and always use either a Bolide or a Kelly. easy to slide under the airplane seat and has space for small sized documents. Can't do the same with a Lindy. i'd keep the lindy as a casual weekend bag.
  10. I will go with lindy. I agree that bolide looks bit plain, unless it's in a bright color. Also, for some reasons, I always feel bolide looks somehow rigid in shape. I guess it's really a matter of your lifestyle and personality. Lindy is really one of a kind bag and will stand out nicely in crowds. :smile:
  11. Bolide. I never understood Lindy.
  12. Bolide...Timeless and elegant..:loveeyes::loveeyes::loveeyes:
  13. I have 1 lindy and 2 bolide, and currently in a market for a 3rd bolide. May get a 2nd lindy in a different size further down the road.
    I love my lindy, it's very practical and looks pretty stylish. I get many compliments on it also.
    However, I find that a bolide is easier to "dress up" or "dress down", and is more practical in this sense. Lindy, however, is more casual and I don't find that I can "dress it up".
    It really depends on your lifestyle and how you plan to wear your bags. Good luck with your decision! :smile:
  14. i like Bolide, Lindy looks too complicated to get things in and out.
  15. I for one do not bother if people know I'm carrying a Hermes bag. I need a bag to suit me. If I want to stand out from the crowd, dressing up well is more important than the bag itself. Or I'd sling a Shiny Croc Kelly to stand out among a dozen of birkins.

    There are many Bolide owners who own a dozen Birkins and when they carry their Bolides, they stood out from the crowd.

    Try Lindy if you can. Both are unique in their own ways.
    Lindy is a bag you have to try to show whether it suits your frame.:flowers: