Bluefly - designer bags final sale new policy

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  1. I was looking at a bag on Bluefly this morning when I noticed the return policy was "final sale". I did a chat with customer rep & they told me all designer bags are now final sale. This is a big change - everyone beware - look carefully at the sale terms on any bags you are considering to purchase on Bluefly.
  2. Wow! Their previous policy was always a reassurance to me that I could return something that wasn't as I expected. IMO, this will negatively affect their sales.
  3. What a shock. Thanks for posting!
  4. I definitely won't buy. And the discount isn't worth the risk. There's one Gucci bag I was eying (forgive me for cheating) and it was something like $50 off. Not even 10 percent.

    I wonder what the rationale was.
  5. But guys, it's only for bags marked 'final sale' - ? I don't see what the problem is. I read their return policy and it seems just like everybody else's ...?
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    Here's what they told me. It's for new bags that the new non-return policy will apply to - older bags already in stock when they started the new policy are still returnable. There is a "return policy" and a "final sale policy". Final sale items are not returnable.
  7. I was actually looking at Gucci too, I am considering the Miss GG in brown distressed & Twill Hobo in black.
  8. I hope they've changed the wording on their web site. Don't have time to look right now... How can the poor customer know what is old and what is new? LOL. Well, Goodbye Blue Fly. Hey, it rhymes...
  9. Would not be buying a bag from Bluefly as a final sale.. Thanks but no thanks

  10. Each item I browsed at is marked as such - 21-day return policy or final sale. Still, with their track record, I'm steering clear.
  11. I'm quite tempted by the Miss GG hobo in grey. I've found it on another site (cruise) and am percolating now. I saw this hob in person but in the tan color. It's a lovely bag.
  12. Thanks for the warning....
  13. I think Bluefly is making a big mistake with this new "Final Sale" new policy. I did check, ALL designer bags are final sale. hello! even the CHANEL boutique or Dior boutique has a 10 day return policy for full refund! and of course Neiman Marcus, Saks, Nordstrom, Bergdorf Goodman... all has 30 days return policy. I will not feel comfortable to buy something thousands of dollars and can't see it in person first then can't return it if the item is not as described or just simply not looking good in person. boo bluefly! I will be buying from

  14. Agree.. buying under these terms are very challenging to say the least
  15. Isn't Bluefly the site that had the Balenciaga super-fakes a couple of years ago?