Blue..Red...and Lilac Coin Purses

  1. what is the retail on these?
  2. I think I paid something like $250 for my pink one., hmmm, but I think hers are bigger, mines the mini one. ..are these sold out or are her prices just high? I like the blue one.
  3. i saw those... so cute... but yeah,,,
    same question as pursemania, how much do they retail for???..
  4. Ohh so they retail @ 250?... so cute... but so expensive... *_*
  5. I just checked - Aloha Rag has them for $285 (but not those colors). Would you really put money in them? Seems more like a lipstick . . .
  6. i like these alot, i really want one a bit bigger the one i posted in celebrity pics. I dont think the one i want exists though.... so i will have to consider this red one...

  7. ^^^missflutter~ I just looked at your post in the celebrity section and it's the make-up clutch and they do still exist! I have 2 and love them!
  8. thanks so much! now i know what my next bbag purchase is!
  9. ^^^you're welcome! They're great!
  10. zacorey - where did you get them? How much?
  11. ^^^I did a trade for one with a great PFer and the other I got on ebay. I wish the Barney's near me carried them but they don't! Gretta Luxe only had the coin purses not the make-up clutch.
  12. these coin purses are so cute! I think I may want the red one! But i'm not so sure because she seems to be selling these alittle over retail and I think if I ordered from somewhere else I can probably get free shipping as well and pay the $285!

    What to do ? What to do ?

  13. My advice is only get it if you have to have those colors! Otherwise, why bother with the hassle of ebay. If you buy from a store, at least you can return after you see it or there are any problems. This is what I am telling myself since I am similarly tempted - must be strong! :roflmfao:
  14. They are really cute but I am not a fan of the over retail prices. I would get another color at a store first.