Blue Jean Birkin in which leather?

  1. Hello all! I'm thinking of my first birkin and learning about all the sizes/colors/leathers has been ongoing. I've finally decided on the 30cm Birkin since I generally look better with smaller bags (I'm 5'4", 115 lbs.), and I've heard that the 35cm can be quite heavy. I've also decided on Blue Jean but now I'm scouring the forum for samples of leathers to see how Blue Jean shows up, and I'm having a hard time.

    Trying to figure out which leather would be best for me.

    Which is the lightest? I've heard chevre and vache liagee. Does chevre really have issues with corner wear? If chevre, what's the difference between mysore and coromandel?

    Which holds shape better? I've heard Epsom and Box. Don't want to do Box because I'm rough with my bags and will scratch it up. Plus I have a one-year old!

    Most importantly, any samples of blue jean birkins on various leathers? Any suggestions as I'm leaning towards a more sky blue (rather than too bright turquoisy)?

    There are SOOOO many leathers to choose from. Can someone send me the link to the leather book reference guide on this site?

    Thanks so much. I would appreciate any information.
  2. OK, chevre and VL and Epsom are very light. All the leathers have issues with corner wear, IMO. Chevre doesn't come in Blue Jean, so that may narrow you r choices!

    Epsom & Box and VL will hold the shape well (and Fjord, but that's heavy).

    Sky blue? You'll want epsom.

    My favourite all time leather for blue jean in Swift. It looks so lovely, but it is a soft leather, and although you want a 30, it will look slouchier than the other leathers you mentioned. See the referecnce section at the top of the page for the colour 'department'!

    Good Luck!
  3. Blue jean is really pretty in epsom leather like sky blue. I am not a big fan of epsom leather in general UNTIL I saw Blue jean in epsom in real life. So, only Blue jean in epsom is exception:graucho: ...Other than BJ, I don't really care for epsom leather. BUT as I said, BJ in epsom is really icy sky blue. SOOOOO PRETTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:heart:
  4. but BJ in togo is so beautiful. while we're on the topic, any idea what kind of leather this is -- swift?

  5. Wow, thanks for the quick responses. Not only is this my first time posting on this site, that was my very first post of anything - ha ha! Shows you how desperate I am for info! After looking at some of the images of blue jean on different leathers, I think I like the togo since it's sort of in the middle. Not too bright/turquoisy like clemence and swift, but not too pale like epsom. I should have said that I like baby blue, not sky blue. Anyone seen blue jean in vache ligee? What's that leather all about?

    So, togo is a plus for color, durability, but minus on heaviness.
    Are epsom or vache ligee durable? How is the color on vache ligee?

    Thanks again!!!
  6. i want to say L.Lo's birkin is epsom, but it might be togo.

    the link to the epsom above is pretty true to the color, it is a bit more pale in real life but can alter color depending on the light.

    edit: thanks for the link, Gigi! that epsom bj birkin is lovely. but sheesh! the price is way more than a new epsom birkin 35 in stores...7300 dollars now.
  7. Thanks so much. Everyone is so helpful!

    I hope Lohan's birkin is in Epsom because everytime I see hers I love the color. Togo is nice too. Would a 30cm really be that much heavier in Togo? Is Epsom durable, compared to togo?

    Now, here's the big question...what's the best way to get one from a Hermes boutique? I'm not comfortable with purchasing one online and am willing to wait.
  8. Both are extremely durable. The difference is the texture of the leather and the stiffness. Epsom is a stamped texture and stiffer while Togo has a natural grain that goes through a freeze drying process and is softer over time.

    Blue Jean is a very popular color for Hermes and Kellys and Birkins do not stay in stock for long in this color.

    I obtained my Blue Jean Kelly by regularly calling the stores and asking what they had in stock in that color. I was lucky that I found an SA who forthrightly told me about a Kelly. Most stores will not tell you if they have a BJ birkin in stock since they will go to their favored customers first. Additioanlly, most stores get annoyed with people calling them asking them for Birkins off the bat. Try starting out by going to your local H store and beginning a relationship with an SA. to be honest, it will take some time to get a BJ birkin from the store. More likely than not, LL got hers from a reseller too;) .
  9. Vache liegee doesn't come in bleu jean, box hasn't been done in bleu jean in ages, nor does it come in chevre. Your choices are Swift, togo, clemence, and epsom for now.
  10. Swift or clemence would be lovely...